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Apply now and get up to N250,000 grant to fund your business. Apply now before deadline date. Money collection is not required. Payment is not monthly but a one time cash transfer.
Apply before 12midnight, 11 April 2022


15 responses

    1. Please have you collected the money yet?it is directing me to made a payment to somebody’s account and I want to confirm first if it is real.thanks.

    2. You guys are just changing deadline. Are u for real?

    3. Why say nice one, have you gotten the grant already

  1. Paid, I pray it work o

  2. I paid to your wema bank account yesterday afternoon with phone number 08038224973

  3. Once you know it duplicate answer my question then

  4. Why asking for payment since you said is grant?

  5. Av not gotten my payment since on 5th of this month

  6. Y do u people have to collect money before u help people 5k is too much

  7. But they said; money collection is not allowed. On the form I saw payment.

  8. Hello nedes and pepon please how do I get this grant wish you said you have given to me,am not seeing any direct link or method to get the grant, am just seeing flutter wave or make payment

  9. But you said it’s free, why paying again

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