Hannah Waddingham; Cyprus Eurovision representative called out for ‘awkward’ flirting with Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddingham

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The Eurovision representative for Cyprus has been called out for his ‘awkward’ flirting with presenter Hannah Waddingham.

Ted Lasso star Waddingham was joined by Alesha Dixon and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina this evening to take us through the finalists for Eurovision 2023 – with performers from Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, France, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Albania, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Czechia, Australia, Belgium, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Norway, Lithuania, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia and the UK all battling it out to take the top spot.

Hannah Waddingham
Waddingham was one of the presenters for the final. Credit: BBC

The actor became something of a standout star from Eurovision week, having impressed British viewers with everything from her fluent French to her frankly stunning outfits.

And it seems the reaction was similar elsewhere in the world, with people saying the representative of Cyprus was ‘flirting’ with Waddingham as he shared his country’s jury vote results.

One tweeted: “Did he try to shoot his shot at Hannah or what lol Cyprus.”

Someone else said: “Cyprus! what’s up? This is awkward.”

A third wrote: “People flirting with Hannah during the jury vote is at the same level as people who treat LinkedIn like Tinder.”

Hannah Waddingham
People think Cyprus’ rep was trying to ‘shoot his shot’. Credit: BBC

But it wasn’t just Cyprus’ representative – viewers noticed it from a few others, too.


Another said: “Germany flirting with Hannah via Ted Lasso is so valid.”

Earlier in the evening, Waddingham stole the limelight when she suddenly started speaking perfect, fluent French, leaving some viewers mightily impressed.

One viewer tweeted: “Wait Hannah Waddingham’s French was good Anything she can’t do?! #Eurovision.”

Someone else said: “I’m watching Eurovision for the first time and Hannah Waddingham is there??? And she’s speaking French???? They want me to explode.”

Another wrote: “Damn!! Hannah Waddingham speaking French!!!! I like her even more!!”

However, while some were impressed, others were just frustrated that they couldn’t hear her, as the BBC coverage saw commentator Mel Giedroyc speaking over her as she broke into French.

One fumed: “Can the commentators stop talking over Hannah Waddingham every time she speaks French ffs.”

Another said: “They spoke over Hannah Waddingham speaking French… I’m gonna cry.”

Waddingham’s bilingual hosting skills also shocked viewers earlier this week when she served the voting instructions to viewers – once again in perfect French.

“My French teacher would be so proud,” she said, as the audience erupted in cheers and applause.

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