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Michael Jackson hairstyles

Michael Jackson hairstyles

Throughout his career, Michael Jackson’s hairstyle underwent various transformations, each contributing to his evolving image as a global pop icon. Let’s explore some of the notable hairstyles he sported during different stages of his life:

1. Afro: In the early days of the Jackson 5, when Michael was just a young boy and the lead singer of the group, he often wore a natural Afro hairstyle. The Afro was popular among African-American men in the 1970s, and it added to the youthful and playful look of the young performer.

2. Jheri Curl: In the early 1980s, during the release of his album “Off the Wall,” Michael embraced the Jheri Curl, a popular hairstyle at the time. The Jheri Curl was a permed hairstyle with loose, glossy curls, and it became synonymous with the R&B and soul music scene of that era.

3. Short Pixie Cut: By the mid-1980s, as Michael’s music and style began to mature, he transitioned to a short and sleek pixie cut. This hairstyle emphasized his facial features, including his bright eyes and chiseled jawline, and added a touch of sophistication to his look.

4. Long Curly Hair: During the “Bad” era in the late 1980s, Michael’s hair became longer and more voluminous. He styled it with loose curls, often covering his forehead with a lock of hair. This look exuded confidence and charisma, aligning with the edgier image he was cultivating during that period.

5. Smooth and Straight: In the 1990s, as Michael continued to redefine his image with the release of albums like “Dangerous” and “HIStory,” he opted for a more polished and straightened hairstyle. His hair appeared smoother and sleeker, adding to the enigmatic aura he projected.

6. Short and Neat: Towards the late 1990s and early 2000s, Michael’s hair became shorter and more refined. He often sported a neatly cropped hairstyle, showcasing a more mature and sophisticated image.

7. The “Bad” Era Perm: One of Michael’s most iconic hairstyles was the voluminous, curly perm he wore during the “Bad” era. The cover of his “Bad” album featured him with this distinctive hairstyle, which became synonymous with the album’s success and legacy.

8. The “Thriller” Mullet: Another unforgettable hairstyle was the mullet he wore during the “Thriller” era. With its short sides and longer hair at the back, the “Thriller” mullet became an iconic look associated with the groundbreaking music video and album.

9. The “Beat It” Era: During the “Beat It” era, Michael’s hair was often seen slicked back, emphasizing his strong facial features and adding a touch of sophistication to his appearance.

10. The “Dangerous” Era: In the “Dangerous” era, Michael’s hair was often styled in long, cascading curls, creating a soft and romantic look that suited the introspective nature of the album.

11. The “HIStory” Era Ponytail: In the mid-1990s, during the release of his “HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I” album, Michael occasionally wore his hair in a low ponytail. This style was often seen during his performances, and it added a sense of sophistication and elegance to his stage presence.

12. The “Invincible” Era Braids: During the early 2000s, Michael experimented with braided hairstyles. He was occasionally seen with cornrows or box braids, which reflected his ongoing exploration of diverse styles and cultural influences.

13. The “This Is It” Concert Rehearsals: In the months leading up to his untimely passing, Michael Jackson was preparing for his “This Is It” concert series. During this period, he sported a slightly longer and wavier hairstyle. These rehearsal images captured him in a more relaxed and casual appearance, as he prepared for what would have been his final concert performances.

14. Wigs and Hairpieces: Throughout his career, Michael Jackson also made use of wigs and hairpieces to achieve specific looks. He sometimes wore wigs in various styles and colors to enhance his stage persona or maintain consistency during high-profile appearances.

15. The Influence of Iconic Figures: Michael Jackson’s hairstyle choices were often influenced by iconic figures from various fields. For example, his fedora and slicked-back hair drew inspiration from the classic Hollywood look of Fred Astaire and other leading men of the past. His ever-changing hairstyles also mirrored his evolution as an artist, with each era reflecting a new phase in his music and personal life.

16. Impact on Fashion Trends: Michael Jackson’s hairstyles had a profound impact on fashion trends during his time and even beyond. Many of his fans emulated his looks, and his iconic hairdos became a signature style of the 1980s and 1990s. The “Thriller” and “Bad” hairstyles, in particular, were widely copied and contributed to the popularization of specific hair trends during those decades.

17. Cultural Representation: Michael Jackson’s hairstyle choices often showcased a fusion of different cultural influences, reflecting his commitment to promoting unity and breaking down barriers. His hairstyles celebrated diversity and demonstrated how fashion could be a powerful tool for expressing inclusivity and embracing various cultural identities.

18. Hair and Performance: For Michael Jackson, hair was not just a fashion statement; it was also a vital element of his performance artistry. He used his hair as part of his stage choreography, especially during high-energy dance routines, where the movement of his locks added to the visual spectacle of his shows.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson’s hairstyle choices were far more than mere fashion trends; they were an integral part of his artistic expression and persona. Each hairstyle he donned conveyed a unique message and played a role in shaping the iconic image we remember him by. From the playful Afros of his youth to the sleek and polished looks of his later years, Michael Jackson’s hairstyles remain an enduring aspect of his legacy in the world of music, fashion, and pop culture.


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