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Katherine Jackson: Katherine Esther Jackson, Mother of Legend, Michael Jackson with 109 interesting facts

Katherine Esther Jackson: The Heart and Soul of the Jackson Family Legacy

Katherine Jackson was born as Kattie B. Screws on May 4, 1930, in Clayton, Barbour County, Alabama.

Katherine Esther Jackson
Katherine Esther Jackson

Katherine Esther Jackson is the mother of iconic singer, Michael Jackson

She emerged as the remarkable matriarch of the legendary Jackson family of entertainers. Her extraordinary journey began with humble roots, and her indomitable spirit and love for her children would lead to a musical legacy that continues to captivate the world.

Katherine’s early life was not without its challenges. Contracting polio at the tender age of two, she bravely faced its effects, leaving her with a noticeable limp. However, this did not dampen her dreams of becoming an actress or a country singer. Her aspirations led her to join the school band at Washington High School in East Chicago, Indiana, where she nurtured her musical talents.

Katherine Esther Jackson
Katherine Esther Jackson

In 1947, fate intervened when Katherine crossed paths with Joseph “Joe” Jackson, a resident of East Chicago. Their connection was instant, and after obtaining an annulment of his earlier marriage, Joe and Katherine tied the knot on November 5, 1949. They purchased a humble two-bedroom house on 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana, which would become the heart of the Jackson family.

Together, they raised ten children, including the iconic Michael and Janet Jackson. Katherine’s love and support were the backbone of the family, as she lovingly sewed their stage outfits and sang harmonies with them around the kitchen table. The Jackson 5, founded in 1964, became a sensation with Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael at its core. Katherine’s devotion to her children’s dreams was unwavering, and her tireless efforts behind the scenes propelled them to unparalleled success.

Despite facing personal challenges, including divorce proceedings and estrangement from her daughter La Toya, Katherine remained the steadfast rock of the family. Her autobiography, “My Family, The Jacksons,” offered insights into her life and relationship with her husband and children, with heartfelt salutes from eight of her children in the foreword.

In 2009, tragedy struck when her beloved son Michael passed away. Despite the heartache, Katherine continued to be a pillar of strength, taking care of Michael’s children and ensuring their well-being. The court named her as the permanent guardian, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to family.

Katherine’s guardianship faced temporary suspension amid financial disputes within the family, but she persevered, and her role as the children’s guardian was eventually reinstated, with her grandson TJ Jackson joining as co-guardian.

As a testament to her enduring influence on her children’s lives, both Michael and Janet dedicated albums to her. In 1985, Essence magazine honored her as “Mother of the Year,” acknowledging the positive impact she had on her children’s music careers.

Katherine Esther Jackson
Katherine Esther Jackson

Katherine’s legacy as a loving mother, a strong and nurturing presence, and a driving force behind the Jackson family’s success endures. She continues to reside in Calabasas, California, surrounded by her family, leaving behind a legacy of love, resilience, and music that will inspire generations to come. Her story is a testament to the power of family, the triumph of the human spirit, and the everlasting impact of her children’s remarkable talents on the world. As we celebrate Katherine Esther Jackson, we honor not only a matriarch but a true musical dynasty builder whose love and devotion continue to resonate through time.

Katherine Esther Jackson
Katherine Esther Jackson

109 facts about Katherine Jackson: Katherine Esther Jackson

  1. Before marrying Joseph Jackson, Katherine worked as a store clerk at Sears.
  2. Katherine Jackson encouraged Joseph Jackson’s early musical pursuits and even bought him a guitar to support his passion.
  3. Katherine Jackson became a mother at the age of 20 when her first child, Rebbie, was born.
  4. Katherine’s piano and clarinet skills came in handy when teaching her children about music and rhythm.
  5. Katherine Jackson and her family were devout Jehovah’s Witnesses, and she instilled her faith’s values in her children.
  6. Katherine released a gospel album titled “I Can’t Keep It to Myself” in 1990, showcasing her own vocal talents.
  7. Katherine first met Joseph Jackson when she was just 12 years old, and he was 17.
  8. Katherine had a knack for organizing and managing her large household efficiently.
  9. Katherine was also skilled at sewing, often making costumes and clothes for her children’s performances.
  10. Katherine developed friendships with other celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross.
  11. Her fashion sense was often imitated, and she was known for her elegant and sophisticated style.
  12. Katherine often put her own needs aside to prioritize her family’s well-being and success.
  13. Katherine’s cooking was so well-regarded that her children would often ask her to prepare their favorite meals.
  14. One of Katherine Jackson’s fondest memories was going to the movies with her father as a child.
  15. Even as her children became adults, Katherine continued to provide guidance and support in their lives.
  16. Katherine enjoyed taking photographs, capturing moments of her family’s journey through the years.
  17. Katherine was involved in various business ventures, including real estate investments.
  18. One year, her children surprised her with a new car for Mother’s Day to show their appreciation.
  19. Katherine would occasionally play the piano during family gatherings, entertaining her loved ones.
  20. Katherine played a role in nurturing her children’s sense of unity and loyalty toward each other.
  21. She encouraged her children to excel in their studies and often helped them with their schoolwork.
  22. Despite media attention and scrutiny, Katherine Jackson remained private and maintained her dignity.
  23. She was known for her delicious homemade desserts, including pies and cakes.
  24. Katherine was known for her thoughtful and well-composed letters, often offering words of wisdom to her children.
  25. She believed in continuous self-improvement and encouraged her children to strive for excellence.
  26. Growing up, Katherine’s family faced financial struggles, but she learned the value of hard work and determination.
  27. She maintained holiday traditions, bringing her family together for special celebrations.
  28. One of her favorite Bible verses was Psalms 121, which reflects trust in divine protection.
  29. In addition to music, Katherine encouraged Janet Jackson’s interest in acting.
  30. Katherine Jackson held a deep appreciation for her family’s fans and the support they offered.
  31. She often emphasized the importance of her children’s bond and the unity of the Jackson family.
  32. Throughout her life, Katherine Jackson showed resilience in facing challenges and adversity.
  33. Michael Jackson’s iconic white glove was initially a fashion choice suggested by his mother, Katherine.
  34. Katherine Jackson was known for her frugality and taught her children the value of saving money.
  35. Katherine admired Joseph Jackson’s determination and vision in pursuing his dreams.
  36. She often gave back to her community and supported various charitable causes.
  37. Katherine enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren, playing games and sharing stories.
  38. She encouraged her children to develop their individual talents, regardless of their chosen paths.
  39. Katherine’s children formed lifelong friendships with other famous individuals, which she supported.
  40. Katherine often shared words of inspiration and wisdom with her children to motivate them.
  41. Over the years, Katherine became a mentor figure for her grandchildren, offering guidance and advice.
  42. She cherished quiet moments at home, reflecting on her family’s journey and her own life.
  43. Katherine would offer constructive criticism to her children after their performances, helping them improve.
  44. Katherine’s strength and resilience were particularly evident during challenging times.
  45. Her legacy lives on through her children’s music, humanitarian efforts, and commitment to family values.
  46. Katherine’s dedication to her family extended to her role as a homemaker, creating a warm and welcoming environment.
  47. She supported her children’s aspirations even when they chose different paths within the entertainment industry.
  48. She took joy in celebrating her children’s achievements, both big and small, and treasured their moments of success.
  49. Katherine’s middle name, Esther, was given to her in honor of her grandmother.
  50. Katherine’s favorite color was lavender, and she often incorporated it into her clothing choices.
  51. Katherine Jackson collaborated with her son Michael Jackson on a Christmas album titled “A Jackson Family Christmas.
  52. Katherine valued her family’s privacy and often shielded her children from the invasive aspects of fame.
  53. She enjoyed creating handmade crafts, including jewelry and ornaments, during her leisure time.
  54. Katherine Jackson was born under the zodiac sign Taurus, known for traits like determination and loyalty.

  55. She encouraged her children to support each other’s creative projects and dreams.
  56. Katherine Jackson’s favorite flower was the rose, which symbolized love and beauty.

  57. Katherine was known to be a devoted grandmother, attending her grandchildren’s school events and performances.
  58. She passed down family recipes through generations, ensuring that certain dishes remained a part of family gatherings.
  59. Katherine was an avid reader and often shared her favorite books and authors with her children.
  60. She maintained a strong connection to her African American heritage and instilled a sense of pride in her children.
  61. Katherine Jackson enjoyed watching sports, particularly baseball and basketball, and would sometimes attend games with her family.

  62. Katherine encouraged Michael’s philanthropic endeavors, such as his support for various charities.
  63. She communicated with her children through handwritten letters, offering guidance and love.
  64. Katherine enjoyed collecting items such as antiques, porcelain dolls, and family memorabilia.
  65. She often shared stories of her family’s modest upbringing, inspiring gratitude and humility in her children.
  66. Katherine Jackson lived to see her ninetieth birthday, a testament to her strong spirit and well-being.

  67. Katherine believed that music was a unifying force and encouraged her children to create music together.
  68. She cherished family photographs and often displayed them prominently in her home.
  69. Katherine emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and encouraged her children to make wise choices.
  70. She was involved in donating to causes related to education, health, and children’s well-being.
  71. Katherine would help her children prepare for their performances by offering advice on stage presence and presentation.
  72. Katherine Jackson often prepared large meals for her family during the holidays, with everyone gathered around the table.

  73. She believed in preserving family traditions, no matter how busy life became.
  74. Katherine Jackson’s children often turned to her for advice and comfort during times of personal challenges.
  75. Katherine’s wise words and guidance often found their way into Michael’s songwriting.
  76. Katherine believed in Michael’s vision for his music videos, even when they were unconventional.

  77. Despite their challenges, Katherine’s love for Joseph Jackson remained a constant throughout their marriage.
  78. After challenging periods, Katherine would play uplifting music to help her family cope and find solace.
  79. She taught her children about their African American roots, heritage, and the struggles their ancestors faced.
  80. Katherine often shared stories of her own childhood, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.
  81. Katherine’s siblings and extended family members were also an integral part of her children’s lives.
  82. She instilled a sense of justice and fairness in her children, encouraging them to treat others kindly.
  83. Katherine enjoyed spending time outdoors, cultivating her garden and appreciating the beauty of nature.
  84. She embraced cultural diversity and encouraged her children to appreciate the richness of different cultures.
  85. Katherine believed in the power of self-expression and allowed her children to explore their passions.
  86. Even as she aged, Katherine continued to learn new things and stay informed about the world.
  87. Katherine placed importance on creating lasting memories through family vacations and gatherings.
  88. She kept family records, preserving the Jackson family’s history and stories for future generations.

  89. She believed that music had the ability to bridge differences and create harmony among people.
  90. Katherine found tranquility in nature, often taking walks and finding inspiration in the world around her.
  91. Katherine encouraged her children to give back to their communities and support causes they were passionate about.
  92. She enjoyed stargazing and learning about celestial bodies, finding wonder in the universe.
  93. Katherine often expressed gratitude for her family, her experiences, and the opportunities life had given her.
  94. Katherine Jackson’s legacy lives on in her children, grandchildren, and the impact she had on her family’s remarkable journey in the world of music and beyond.
  95. Katherine Jackson had a penchant for painting and occasionally expressed her creativity through art.

  96. She promoted the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise among her family members.
  97. Katherine showed an interest in psychology and often discussed the subject with her children.
  98. As technology advanced, Katherine made an effort to learn about computers and digital communication.
  99. She had a fondness for pets and often had animals around the family home.
  100. Katherine occasionally wrote poems, expressing her thoughts and emotions through verses.
  101. She instilled a deep respect for elders in her children, fostering an appreciation for wisdom and experience.
  102. Katherine’s background and experiences growing up greatly influenced her parenting style and values.
  103. She kept journals and scrapbooks to document important milestones and family memories.
  104. Katherine Jackson’s children often referred to her as their “world ambassador” due to her influence and reach.

  105. Katherine Jackson believed that education was a key to empowerment and encouraged continuous learning.

  106. As her family’s interests expanded, Katherine made an effort to learn about various subjects, from technology to fashion.
  107. Katherine Jackson receives as much as around $67,000 per month from her son, Michael Jackson’s estate.
  108. Her net worth is estimated at $120 million dollars.
  109. Katherine’s refined presence and graceful demeanor left a lasting impression on those who met her.

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