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Here are a few ways to pay an invoice in Intuit’s small business products:


Using QuickBooks Online:


– In the Accounts Payable section, locate the invoice you want to pay and click the action menu next to it. Select “Pay Bill”.


– Enter the payment date, payment amount, payment method (check or credit card), and account the money will come from.


– Click “Pay Bill” to record the payment. The invoice will be marked as paid.


Using QuickBooks Desktop:


– Go to Vendors > Pay Bills. Select the invoice you want to pay and click “Pay Selected Bills”.


– Review and enter key details like payment date, amount, payment account, and number. Click “Pay Bill” to record the transaction.


– You can also open the vendor center and locate the unpaid bill. Double click to open it and enter payment info.


Using Intuit Online Payroll:


– Log in to QuickBooks Online Payroll and go to Payroll > Pay Employees.


– Check the pay period and employees to pay. Click “Calculate Paycheck Amounts”.


– Review totals, make any adjustments, and click “Pay Employees”. The payroll taxes will be deducted and payments processed.


– Payments will be made by direct deposit or printed paychecks based on employee setup.


Let me know if you have any other questions!


Here are some helpful links with more details on paying invoices in Intuit’s products:


QuickBooks Online Help – Pay Bills:


QuickBooks Desktop Help – Pay Bills:


QuickBooks Online Payroll Help – Pay Employees:


Intuit Payments Processing Options:


Here are some helpful videos that demonstrate paying invoices and bills in Intuit’s products:


QuickBooks Online Pay Bills:


This video shows the process of paying a bill in QuickBooks Online, including entering payment details, selecting a bank account, and recording the transaction.


QuickBooks Desktop Pay Bills:


This video demonstrates paying bills in QuickBooks Desktop, including accessing the pay bills window, selecting invoices to pay, entering the payment method and account, and completing the payment.


QuickBooks Online Payroll:


This video walks through running payroll in QuickBooks Online Payroll, including reviewing employee payroll details, calculating checks, adjusting withholding if needed, and paying employees by direct deposit or check.


I hope these videos clearly demonstrate the procedures for paying invoices and payroll in Intuit’s various products. Let me know if you need any other visual resources on this topic!

  1. Let me know if you need any help navigating these resources or have additional questions!
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