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Intuit gopayment is a service that allows businesses to accept credit card payments online, in store, or on mobile devices. It provides tools to manage transactions, customers, inventory and more to help businesses get paid and manage finances. Having good customer service is essential for any business using gopayment so that issues can be resolved quickly. This article will provide an overview of gopayment customer service, how to contact them, what support is offered, tips for getting issues resolved efficiently and maintaining a positive customer experience.

Overview of Intuit gopayment Customer Service

Intuit gopayment has customer service available by phone and email to assist with any issues that may arise. Their customer service team is based in the United States and available 24/7 by phone for urgent matters. More routine issues can also be handled via email.

Their customer service agents are able to help with:

– Technical issues with using the gopayment platform or apps
– Questions about transactions, payments or balances
– Helping resolve disputes or chargebacks
– Troubleshooting errors or problems with processing payments
– Adjustments needed to accounts or payment settings
– Assistance with billing and subscriptions
– Any other questions about using features and services of gopayment

Having access to knowledgeable and responsive customer service is important for quickly resolving account issues, enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring smooth operations for any business relying on gopayment.

Contacting Intuit gopayment Customer Service

Intuit gopayment can be contacted for customer service by:

Phone: 1-866-376-3327

This toll free number is available 24/7 and connects to a customer service agent who can assist with urgent matters that need immediate attention. This is the fastest way to get real-time help with time sensitive issues.


Customers can also email gopayment customer service for assistance with less pressing matters that do not require real-time help. Emails are typically responded to within 24 hours. The email help desk has agents available Monday to Friday 5am – 6pm Pacific Time.

In addition, online help resources are available which include FAQs, troubleshooting guides, how-to articles and training videos. Customers can access these self-service tools in their gopayment account dashboard under the “Support” section. This can provide quick answers to common questions and basic how-to assistance for using the platform.

But for any complex issues or that require detailed back and forth communication, it is best to call or email gopayment customer service directly.

Intuit gopayment Customer Service Support Offered

Intuit gopayment customer service agents are able to provide support across a wide range of areas including:

– Login and account access assistance – help with resetting passwords, unlocking accounts or accessing support PINs

– Device and hardware troubleshooting – resolving issues with card readers, point of sale devices, mobile apps not working properly and other technical problems

– Payment processing errors – identifying reasons for declined transactions, troubleshooting payment errors, assisting with refunds or voids

– Account management – making adjustments to existing gopayment accounts, adding new user profiles, updating billing details

– Subscription and billing support – changes to plans, addressing payment failures, reviewing charges

– Chargebacks and disputes – helping challenge chargebacks, gathering documentation and responding to payment disputes

– Reporting – generating statements and activity reports, answering questions about transactions, sales and balances

– Integrations – fixing problems with integrations between gopayment and other software platforms

– New feature assistance – help setting up and using new capabilities within gopayment

Having access to support for this wide range of common issues that can occur means businesses can get back up and running quickly if problems arise. The customer service team has in-depth knowledge, training and resources to provide effective troubleshooting and solutions.

Tips for Resolving Issues Efficiently with Intuit gopayment Customer Service

To get the fastest and most effective resolutions using gopayment customer service, it helps to follow some best practices:

– Have account information ready – customer service will need to verify details like your business name, account email, phone number, billing details etc. Having this information handy saves time.

– Provide detailed information – include clear descriptions of the issues, when they began, steps to reproduce errors, and impacts the problem is causing. The more context you can provide, the faster agents can troubleshoot.

– Ask for reference numbers – when speaking with a customer service agent by phone or email, request a case or reference number for your records. This helps keep track of issues and follow up if unresolved.

– Take notes – keep a record of information provided by gopayment customer service, steps they advised you to take, and other details of the conversation. This allows you to follow instructions accurately.

– Ask about follow up – if your issue cannot be immediately resolved, inquire when and how a customer service agent will follow up with you to provide an update or continue troubleshooting.

– Provide feedback – if you receive excellent or unsatisfactory customer service, providing feedback helps gopayment improve. Be specific about what the agent did well or could have done better.

– Have patience and stay positive – even skilled customer service agents may need some time and research to resolve more complex issues. Staying calm and constructive helps get the best outcome.

Maintaining Positive Experiences with Intuit Gopayment Customer Service

In addition to the tips above for quickly resolving specific issues, some overall best practices for maintaining positive, productive interactions with Intuit gopayment customer service include:

– Take time to learn the platform – having a solid understanding of how gopayment works helps minimize basic questions and confusion when issues occur. Review educational resources gopayment provides like videos, guides and FAQs.

– Set up automatic payments – signing up for auto billing rather than manual payments ensures no disruptions to service that can occur from missed payments. This prevents having to contact customer service for reactivation.

– Enable account alerts – tailor account notifications so you are automatically alerted about things like new charges, approaching limits, declined payments etc. This allows you to take proactive steps vs. contacting support after an issue arises.

– Maintain detailed transaction records – keeping your own detailed logs of all transactions, charges, credits etc. enables you to cross-check discrepancies efficiently if they occur. Thorough records also help customer service investigate issues.

– Use live chat when available – look for opportunities to use live chat through your account portal or gopayment website. Live chat queues are often shorter than phone waits.

– Provide feedback regularly – don’t just provide feedback when there are issues. Letting gopayment customer service know when agents were particularly knowledgeable or provided a great experience helps them deliver excellent service consistently.

Prioritizing learning, record keeping, proactive communications and providing ongoing feedback helps establish a positive, productive relationship with gopayment customer service where issues get minimal and easily resolved.


Having responsive, knowledgeable customer service available is essential for any business relying on Intuit’s gopayment platform to ensure payments get processed smoothly and any issues get resolved quickly. Their customer service team can be reached 24/7 by phone or email to provide support across technical issues, account management, billing, chargebacks and many other areas. Following tips like having account details handy, taking notes during interactions, providing reference numbers and giving feedback helps businesses get the most efficient resolutions. Maintaining positive experiences involves learning the platform thoroughly, keeping detailed transaction records, setting up automatic payments and communicating proactively. With the help of gopayment’s capable customer service team, businesses can keep their payment operations running smoothly.

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