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Intuit Gun Companies: Intuit Gun Companies; A Brief History

Intuit gun companies have played an important role in America’s firearms industry and culture for well over a century. While today there are fewer gun manufacturers compared to the industry’s peak in the mid-20th century, some iconic intuit gun brands from decades past still thrive and innovate today. This article provides a brief overview of the history of several notable intuit gun companies that helped shape America’s firearms landscape.

## Marlin Firearms

Marlin Firearms was founded in 1870 in New Haven, Connecticut by weaponry innovator Nicholas Marlin. Beginning with muzzleloading firearms, Marlin eventually expanded into breechloading rifles and shotguns. Some of their early breakthrough products included the Marlin Model 39 semi-automatic rimfire rifle in 1939 and the Marlin Model 25MN lever-action rifle in 1945.

Through the mid-20th century, Marlin gained recognition as a top producer of quality lever-action rifles chambered for handgun cartridges like the .45 Colt and .44 Magnum. These compact “lever guns” were popular for cowboy action shooting and informal plinking. Marlin was also known for durable pump-action shotguns used widely by farmers, hunters and law enforcement.

Ownership of Marlin transferred to Remington Arms in the 1990s. Under Remington ownership, Marlin experienced major production cuts and quality control issues in the late 2000s that damaged the brand’s reputation among gun owners. However, in recent years Marlin has made a comeback by renewing focus on craftsmanship and reintroducing classic lever-action models. Today the Marlin brand endures as a well-known name in hunting firearms.

## Winchester Repeating Arms Company

Few gun companies have had as profound an impact on firearms development as the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Founded in 1866, Winchester rose to prominence by pioneering the lever-action rifle design. Model 1866 rifles were the first successful repeating rifles to operate smoothly and reliably on centerfire cartridges.

Winchester dominated the long gun market through the late 19th century with tremendously popular models like the 1873, 1876, 1885, 1892, 1894 and the iconic Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle. Lever-action Winchester rifles and carbines accompanied settlers across the American frontier and came to symbolize the frontier spirit in cinema and literature.

Through the early 20th century, Winchester produced a diverse selection of rifles, shotguns and manual repeating shotguns used widely by hunters, law enforcement and militaries worldwide. The company also established the .30-30, .308 Winchester and .30-06 cartridges that remain industry standards today.

However, Winchester struggled in the postwar era of changing consumer preferences. The company was acquired by Olin Corporation in 1964. Production was moved overseas and product quality declined. Still, the iconic Winchester brand endures with the lever-action Model 1894 carrying on as a cherished American firearm.

## Smith & Wesson

Tracing its origins to 1852 as a manufacturer of revolvers and firearms mechanisms, Smith & Wesson today remains one of the largest American handgun producers in the world. Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Smith & Wesson gained early fame for revolver designs like the S&W Model 1 from the mid-1800s.

Beyond handguns, Smith & Wesson branched into long guns in the 20th century with Winchester-style lever action rifles and all-steel shotguns. During both World Wars, the company supplied military contracts for revolvers and handguns used by Allied forces. After WWII, Smith & Wesson expanded pistol offerings and introduced new semi-automatic designs for civilian use.

Notable Smith & Wesson handgun models through the latter 20th century included the Military & Police revolvers, the full-sized K-frame pistols as well models like the 3913 “Nineteen-Thirteen” that expanded their consumer market presence. The 1990s marked a period of new ownership and restructuring that stabilized Smith & Wesson as a market leader.

Today, Smith & Wesson manufactures models across all major handgun categories including revolvers, semi-automatics, polymer-framed defense pistols and competitive shooting handguns. They also produce the popular M&P rifle platform. With consistent innovation and a history spanning over 160 years, Smith & Wesson remains one of America’s iconic intuit gun brands.

## Colt’s Manufacturing Company

Tracing its origins to 1855, Connecticut-based Colt’s Manufacturing Company became synonymous with quality handguns, especially the popular single action Army and Police revolvers of the late 19th century. Founder Samuel Colt patented the multi-shot revolving cylinder, a design which became the archetype for virtually all subsequent revolvers.

Colt firearms accompanied settlers of the American West, represented law enforcement in the “Wild West” era and were carried by military and government agents globally. The company flourished producing M1855 revolving rifles for the Union cavalry in the Civil War as well as the famous Single Action Army “Peacemaker” pistol made famous by the legendary lawmen and gunslingers of the Old West.

Through the 20th century, Colt adapted their single-action design to various handgun cartridges and resisted the transition to double-action revolvers. However, they introduced the iconic semi-automatic M1911 pistol in 1911 which became the standard sidearm for the U.S. military for over 70 years. Other notable Colt models include the Colt Python double-action revolver and stainless steel Colt Detective Special revolver.

Though encountering financial difficulties in the 1990s that led to bankruptcy, Colt maintained headquarters in West Hartford, Connecticut through numerous ownership changes. Today they build upon durable handgun platforms like the M1911 pistol and AR-15 rifle while introducing new firearms. The Colt brand name remains globally respected for firearms innovation and craftsmanship.

## Browning Arms Company

Established in Utah in 1978 by firearms pioneer John Browning, Browning Arms was the commercial realization of John Browning’s decades of prolific design work. Browning’s firearm innovations between the 1880s to early 1900s truly revolutionized the industry and established the functional standards still used in modern weapons.

Even after Browning’s death in 1926, his company carried on production of his legendary designs licensed to other manufacturers for many years. These included the M1911 pistol, BAR automatic rifle, Browning Auto-5 shotgun and others that remain relevant arms today. In the late 1970s, Browning’s sons launched the new Browning Arms Company to directly manufacture and commercialize their father’s classic firearm creations.

Among the first Browning Arms Company products in 1978 were the autoloading shotguns like the Gold, Belgian and Browning Auto-5 models which brought John Browning’sstate-of-the-art shotgun design under one company roof again. Browning Arms later branched into rifles with the lever-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles like the Browning BAR and bolt-action hunting rifles. They also produce contemporary shotgun and rifle designs today.

Currently based out of Morgan, Utah, Browning Arms carries on the tradition of quality firearms manufacturing dreamed up by their founder John M. Browning over a century ago. Cherished Browning designs from bygone eras endure alongside innovations that maintain Browning as a world leader in the sporting arms industry today.

## Remington Arms Company

Tracing its origins to 1816 as a manufacturer of various commercial products including firearms, the Remington Arms Company became one of the most prolific and innovative American firearms makers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Under the ownership of brothers Eliphalet and Philo Remington, the Ilion, New York-based company patented their first revolver design in 1848.

This kicked off Remington’s long history of supplying military, law enforcement and civilian markets. Groundbreaking Remington designs included early rolling block and falling block rifles followed by successful pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns and rifles. During both World Wars, Remington’s Ilion factories worked furiously to arm Allied troops with their rugged bolt-action rifles and shotguns.

In the post-war consumer market, Remington focused on hunting firearms. Popular post-WWII models included the pump-action Model 870 shotgun, bolt-action 700 rifle and repeating Model 600 rifle. Remington remained a major military supplier as well with contracts for M14 battle rifles and M24 sniper rifles in the latter 20th century.

While struggling with ownership changes since the 1980s that led to factory closures, Remington has shown renewed promise since restructuring in 2020. Today they continue building upon beloved platforms like the 870 pump shotgun and 1100 semi-auto while expanding product lines, sourcing materials sustainably and innovating fresh designs to remain competitive. With 200+ years of firearms experience, Remington’s iconic brand endures.

## Conclusion

The above brands represent just a sampling of legendary American gun companies with long histories of innovation that helped advance the firearms industry worldwide. Many intuit companies from previous eras have faded, but those profiled here endured by consistently delivering high-quality, reliable products valued by hunters, sport shooters, collectors and military/law enforcement users.

Despite changing ownership structures and market forces over time, these intuit gun manufacturers maintained focus on their founding principles of craftsmanship, performance and consumer satisfaction that made their brands synonymous with the American firearms tradition. Looking ahead, it’s likely these household names will persist in the market by balancing heritage designs with contemporary innovations to satisfy gun owners for generations to come.

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