Intuit Headquarters: The History and Operations of Intuit Headquarters

Intuit headquarters

## Intuit Origin Story

Intuit was founded in Mountain View, California by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. The duo had previously worked together at HP and sought to create innovative business management software for small companies and individuals.

Their first product was Quicken, a personal finance software launched in 1983. This allowed households to easily track spending, balance budgets and pay bills electronically. Quicken was very successful and soon expanded into personal tax preparation software through TurboTax.

By the 1990s, Intuit focused on the small business market with QuickBooks accounting software. This provided an intuitive platform for tasks like invoicing, payroll, inventory and financial reporting. QuickBooks quickly became the most popular accounting software for self-employed individuals and small enterprises.

As Intuit’s product portfolio and customer base grew exponentially, they relocated headquarters to various locations in Silicon Valley before finalizing plans for a new campus in 1992. This marked the start of Intuit’s long-term presence in Mountain View.

## Intuit Campus History

Intuit’s flagship campus is located at 2800 Sand Hill Road in Mountain View, right at the border of Palo Alto. Construction began on the new 280,000 square foot campus in 1993 on land previously occupied by NASA research facilities.

The first buildings were completed in 1995. As Intuit recruited aggressively and acquired other companies like Quicken, additional structures were added through the late 90s. Today the 76-acre campus consists of 13 buildings housing over 6,000 Intuit employees.

Over the years, Intuit worked closely with architects HOK and landscape designer Thomas Church to create a harmonious environment blending indoor and outdoor workspaces. Thoughtful design maintains open green spaces between buildings for collaboration and respite from screen time.

In 2015, Intuit renovated one of their original buildings to earn LEED Platinum green building certification, emphasizing sustainability practices. Most recently they acquired adjacent land to potentially expand the campus further in coming years. The headquarters serves as a hub for Intuit’s global operations.

## Intuit Corporate Culture

Intuit cultivates a distinctive culture focused on innovation, customer centricity and collaboration. Aspects that define life at Intuit HQ include:

– Flexible work environments – Open floor plans, stand-up desks and lounge areas encourage interaction.

– Learning & growth mindset – Continuous skill-building through an on-site Intuit University and peer mentoring.

– Resourcefulness – Cross-functional teams tackle challenges through experimentation and rapid prototyping.

– Empathy – Customer insights drive product evolution and community outreach initiatives.

– Diversity & inclusion – Over 50% of Intuit’s technical roles are filled by women and underrepresented groups.

– Health & well-being – On-campus fitness facilities, nutritious cafeteria and wellness programming.

– Work-life integration – Flex-time, parental leave and community resources aid work-life effectiveness.

This people-first culture helps attract and retain diverse talent dedicated to fulfilling Intuit’s mission of powering prosperity globally.

## Intuit Headquarters Campus Amenities

Intuit spares no expense providing employees everything needed to stay productive and engaged at the Mountain View campus:

– On-site cafeterias – Gourmet and globally-inspired options prepared with organic ingredients.

– Fitness facilities – A sports lounge with gym equipment, basketball court, group fitness classes.

– Health clinic – Primary care physicians available to treat minor illnesses on-site.

– Electric vehicle charging – Dedicated EV stations encourage sustainable commuting.

– Childcare center – Licensed center with curriculum supporting children’s cognitive/social skills.

– Convenience store – Supplies for basic needs along with Intuit gear and snacks.

– Banking – Partnerships with financial institutions allow transactions on campus.

– Coffee shops – Grab coffee and chat at micro-roasteries scattered across campus.

– Open green spaces – Parks, walking paths and picnic spots host employees and their families.

This resort-like environment enhances quality of life so Intuit employees can stay energized through long hours dedicated to growth and innovation.

## Intuit Headquarters Sustainability Efforts

Environmentally-friendly initiatives are a priority across Intuit’s Silicon Valley campus. Their commitment includes:

– Onsite solar arrays – Large solar plants generate 75% of headquarters energy use through renewable power.

– LEED certification – Multiple buildings certified at Gold/Platinum levels through sustainable design and operations.

– Electric vehicle infrastructure – EV chargers coupled with a green commute program reduces emissions.

– Zero waste goal – Robust recycling/composting minimizes landfill waste through compostable serviceware.

– Native landscaping – Drought-tolerant plants lower water needs while providing habitat and sequestering carbon.

– Green cleaning – Non-toxic, hypoallergenic solutions maintain a healthy indoor environment.

– Bike friendliness – Racks, lockers and showers aid two-wheel commuting along with an Intuit Bike Share fleet.

– GHG offsets – Carbon offsets support high-quality projects combating climate change through reductions elsewhere.

These eco-measures reflect Intuit’s commitment to efficient operations and serve as a model for other enterprises on sustaining business growth responsibly.

## The Future of Intuit Headquarters

As Intuit’s global impact expands through continued innovations empowering customers and communities worldwide, their flagship headquarters will likely evolve further to support growth. Near-term plans involve:

– Potential expansion – Acquiring surrounding parcels allows room to house additional employees on one integrated campus over time.

– Facility upgrades – Retrofitting older structures with latest technologies maintains premier workspace standards.

– Remote collaboration – Advanced tools connect dispersed teams while encouraging flexible schedules.

– Sustainability leadership – Aggressive renewable energy goals reduce carbon footprint through onsite power generation.

Longer term, the Intuit HQ campus may incorporate cutting-edge concepts like autonomous transportation, biomimicry design principles and carbon sequestration landsaping. The prime location will undoubtedly remain a talent magnet as Intuit advances prosperity through the digital revolution.

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