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40 years ago, Intuit Inc. was established by two men who decided that it was time to change the way people handle their finances and single-handedly laid the groundwork for what is now a multi-million dollar company. 

These two men Scott Cook and Torn Proulx started Intuit as a small company in California. Intuit is an industry-leading software company that provides Personal Finance, Accounting and Tax management Software to firms and individuals.

A pioneer software company, Intuit Inc. is well renowned for its TurboTax service. TurboTax is a user-friendly software for preparing and simplifying tax the tax filing process. TurboTax is used, and trusted by millions of individuals and companies around the world for their tax filing purposes because of how easy it is to work with.

Quickbooks is another one of Intuit’s popular services. Quickbooks is an accounting software tailored for use by small businesses, making their entire account process timeless with easy-to-use features.

Mint, their personal finance software is designed to simplify how individuals manage their finances and optimize the entire procedure. Available both as a web-based software and mobile app, Mint collates the users’ finances, categorizes all transactions, and provides an easy-to-understand money flow which will allow you to understand your financial habits.

Next is Intuit Turbo. This service is the perfect assistance for anyone who wants to take over and be in control of their finances. Made with use by an individual in mind, Turbo is every user’s dream fiance management platform. People use it to monitor their credit scores and get tips from the app on how to improve them while managing their finances effectively.

Finally, there is the ProConnect. This is an accounting software tailored strictly for use by professionals. It has three major sub-offerings or functions. These are:

  • Proconnect Tax Online
  • Proseries, and
  • Lacerte

All of these are filled with features to assist the accountant’s structure and ensure accuracy and compliance while saving necessary time during the tax preparation and filing process.

Recently, Intuit launched their AI-powered assistant which will be available for all their services and service owners. TurboTax, Quickbooks, Credit Karma, and MailChimp will all be receiving this smart assistance which will be named Intuit Assist.

Intuit Assist’s work while embedded into the services owned by small businesses and consumers alike has been developed to offer its users personalised recommendations. This means that there are over 100 million users across its entire product line.

Intuit Assist is flexible enough to offer the users several options to choose from. Users will be able to make use of the AI assistant as either a guide or as a full assistant whenever it is needed. Users also have the option to talk to a human if they are not comfortable with the options presented by the AI. However, Intuit Assist is going to be able to fully take over everything and handle all of the users’ tasks.

Intuit’s virtual assistant feature, Intuit Assist, is currently operational for TurboTax users and is scheduled for updates during the upcoming 2023 tax season. It is already accessible to specific members of Credit Karma in the U.S. and is expected to be more widely available soon. A similar gradual rollout plan is in place for select beta customers of QuickBooks, intending to make it accessible to all U.S. users in the near future. Furthermore, Intuit Assist is currently in use by a specific segment of Mailchimp customers, and there are intentions to expand its availability to a broader audience in the months ahead.

In general, Intuit has significantly transformed the financial landscape by introducing accessible tools such as TurboTax and Mint, among others, to streamline tasks like tax preparation, accounting, and managing personal finances. These innovations have notably empowered individuals to navigate complex financial processes with ease. Intuit’s commitment to enhancing user experience and simplifying intricate financial tasks has not only impacted individual users but also influenced the industry’s approach to financial management. Their commitment to innovation continues to redefine how people engage with their finances.

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