An in-depth overview of jobs and careers at Intuit:


Building Meaningful Careers at Intuit


As one of the world’s leading financial technology platforms powering popular products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, Intuit offers a wide range of interesting careers for job seekers. The company has topped Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” list numerous times thanks to its welcoming, innovative culture and opportunities to launch impactful careers.


This article will explore key roles at Intuit across departments like technology, product development, marketing, customer success, and operations. We’ll highlight Intuit’s flexible work policies, benefits, training programs, and other perks that make it an appealing place to grow professionally. Insights from current employees will also showcase Intuit’s unique culture. With Intuit continuing to shape the future of financial software, it provides an exciting environment for talent across many disciplines.


Technology and Engineering Roles


As a pioneer in fields like AI, machine learning, and cloud platforms, technology lies at Intuit’s core. Some of the company’s top tech roles include:


– Software Engineers – Build and enhance Intuit’s QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint, and Credit Karma products. Work on mobile apps, SaaS architecture, security, machine learning, and more.


– Data Scientists & Analysts – Uncover data insights to improve experiences and drive innovation using analytics, experiments, and modeling. Intuit has touted having the largest private big data platform.


– Technical Program Managers – Guide engineering projects from planning through launch and iterate based on user feedback. Ensure excellence across Intuit’s complex digital ecosystem.


– Security Engineers – Help protect Intuit’s systems and sensitive customer data through tools like encryption, access controls, monitoring, and vulnerability testing.


Intuit’s engineering blog details how technology specialists collaborate across disciplines in an agile, inventive environment. Known for top compensation and growth opportunities, Intuit attracts world-class technical talent.


Product Management and Design

Behind Intuit’s user-obsessed products is an equally customer-focused product team encompassing roles like:


– Product Managers – Shape product strategy and roadmaps for Intuit’s various software experiences and identify new opportunities.


– User Experience Designers – Design intuitive, engaging interfaces and customer journeys through research, prototyping and iteration.


– Content Strategists – Craft helpful educational content and tools to guide customers, explain complex topics simply, and delight users.


– Product Marketing Managers – Understand target users deeply and go-to-market with messaging, campaigns, and analytics driving acquisition.


By integrating product, engineering and marketing, Intuit takes a holistic view to crafting products that solve real financial problems for consumers and small businesses.


Customer Success and Sales

Providing an excellent customer experience has been central to Intuit’s values since the beginning. Key jobs focused on users include:


– Customer Support – Help users as they navigate Intuit’s software, troubleshoot issues, and boost their financial confidence. Education and empathy are hallmarks.


– Implementation Specialists – Onboard new customers onto platforms like QuickBooks Online and ensure they utilize the software successfully.


– Small Business Strategists – Act as ongoing financial coaches to QuickBooks customers and tailor solutions to their needs.


– Sales Professionals – Build relationships with small businesses to understand pain points and match Intuit’s many products to their unique requirements.


Intuit’s small business blog details how they infuse customer passion into these roles. The work centers around user needs versus sales quotas.


Marketing, Finance and People Operations


Behind the scenes, Intuit’s marketing, workplace culture, facilities, and finance teams ensure operations run smoothly. Some examples include:


– Marketers – Develop campaigns across channels, cultivate Intuit’s brand and community, and deliver relevant content to engage customers.


– Accounting and Finance – Handle Intuit’s complex finances, oversee reporting and planning, manage risk, and ensure strong stewardship.


– People Operations – From talent acquisition to compensation, learning, diversity initiatives and leadership development, these teams manage Intuit’s global workforce.


– Workplace Team – Design and run Intuit’s offices to enable flexible, high performing workspaces.


Passion for people underpins these infrastructure roles aimed at supporting employees, customers and shareholders.


Intuit’s Vision and Culture

What unifies Intuit’s diverse teams is their shared mission to power prosperity for consumers, small businesses, and their communities. The company’s values include:


– We provide outstanding service.

– We innovate without fear of failure.

– We act with integrity and care.

– We are honest and direct with each other.

– We commit to diversity, equity and belonging.


Intuit looks for candidates aligned to these cultural pillars that define the company. In return, they offer competitive pay, generous benefits like a minimum of 8 weeks parental leave, flexible work schedules, learning programs, inclusion resources, volunteer time off, product discounts and more.


Hear from Intuit Employees


Don’t just take our word for why Intuit is a sought-after employer. Intuit team members highlight the positive work environment:


“Intuit encourages curiosity, creativity and taking risks to grow. My managers trust me to identify opportunities and give me room to innovate.” – QuickBooks Product Manager


“I’ve had fantastic mentors who inspired me to pay it forward. Seeing new hires progress in their careers is so rewarding.” – TurboTax Software Engineer


“Our teams are united by wanting to have a positive impact on customers’ lives. My work truly makes a difference.” – Mint Customer Support Specialist


“Intuit’s benefits and flexibility as a working mom lets me thrive professionally while being present for my family.” – Marketing Operations Lead


Browse Intuit’s Career Sites


Ready to explore openings at Intuit? Check out their main careers portal and tech-focused job board:


– Intuit Careers –


– Intuit Tech Jobs –




With its progressive values, focus on transforming financial experiences, and innovative teams, Intuit offers dynamic careers that benefit both customers and employees. From transforming backend technology to guiding users to financial confidence, Intuit teams drive meaningful change. For those passionate about building the financial platforms of the future, Intuit provides an opportunity to turn passion into purpose.

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