Intuit Help: Getting Intuit Help with Products and Services

Intuit is a software company best known for financial products like QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint that are used by millions of households and businesses worldwide. While intuitive to use, these robust platforms can occasionally require assistance from tech support professionals or peers. This guide outlines the various help options available from Intuit to resolve issues and optimize usage of their solutions.

## Intuit Support Overview

Intuit understands software is not always straightforward, so they provide robust support to keep customers productive and stress-free. Their unified help system takes a multi-pronged approach:

– Customer Service – Call, chat or message highly trained representatives for personalized troubleshooting.

– Knowledge Base – Search Intuit’s extensive article library for answers to common questions.

– Community Forums – Connect with peers in topic-specific online communities for user-to-user help.

– Video Tutorials – Step-by-step guidance on major tasks through Intuit’s extensive how-to library.

– Training Events – Networking seminars, webinars and conferences on maximizing Intuit tools.

– Mobile Apps – Instant access to support directly from QuickBooks, Mint and TurboTax mobile experiences.

– Certified Professionals – Find local advisors authorized to assist with advanced needs for a fee.

This full-spectrum offering combined with frequent updates keeps customers at peak productivity with Intuit at their fingertips.

## Customer Service Options

Intuit’s dedicated phone, chat and messaging support experts are famously quick, friendly and capable of solving complex issues. Reach them as follows:

– Call center – Toll-free phone lines staffed from early to late daily with bilingual options.

– Live chat – Connect instantly with agents during extended hours via all Intuit apps.

– Email/text – Communicate asynchronously or set up call backs at convenient times.

– Support accounts – Sign in for visibility of conversations across devices and prioritized service.

Intuit strives for under 3-minute wait times and resolving requests on initial contact. Escalation procedures ensure difficult issues don’t fall through cracks. Customer satisfaction consistently ranks among highest in the industry.

For self-service fans, answers are also accessible 24/7 through the comprehensive online knowledge base and self-help tools. But calling ensures personalized attention for truly unique problems.

## Knowledge Base Search

Intuit provides a dense knowledge bank addressing everything from installation to advanced functionality across all core products. Search it by:

– Browsing topic directories – Find help by category like accounting, payroll, reporting errors etc.

– Using keyword search – Quickly surf to relevant how-tos by entering queries.

– Reviewing popular articles – See frequently referenced pieces addressing common pains points.

– Following dynamic “digests” – Tailored roundups direct customers to solutions specific to jobs/industries.

Articles are written simply yet thoroughly, avoiding jargon wherever possible. Rich contextual help within apps also points users straight to text or videos with step-by-steps when confusion arises.

The knowledge base pros assist behind the scenes too, using analytics to surface gaps requiring new documentation. It stays an ever-evolving asset.

## Intuit Communities

Online user forums provide direct peer-to-peer networking for troubleshooting, best practices exchange and idea-sharing among Intuit customers worldwide. Major communities include:

– QuickBooks Community – Everything accounting from setup to customized workflows and integrations.

– Small Business Community – Strategizing, problem-solving and brainstorming topics specific to self-employment.

– Tax Community – Year-round assistance navigating tax laws and maximizing preparation tools.

– Mint Community – Optimization discussions focused around personal finance management.

– Expert communities – Advanced user circles centered on specialized domains like construction.

Moderators keep discussions productive while directing unresolved issues to proper support channels. It’s a rich source of collective wisdom that complements Intuit’s formal help systems tremendously.

## Video Tutorial Library

Intuit maintains an enormous library of task-focused how-to videos going far beyond basic overviews. Ranging from a few minutes to up to an hour, these visual walkthroughs provide:

– Setups and installations for all Intuit products across various operating systems.

– Core functionality explanations like invoicing, inventory, payroll, expenses etc.

– Specialized tools tutorials such as reports, customizing forms, custom integrations.

– Special topic deep dives around more intricate tasks like bookkeeping best practices.

Playback controls permit pausing to replicate steps carefully. Videos are optimized for any device and platform. Closed captioning aids language/disability access. This engaging medium suits visual learners and those preferring live walkthroughs to text help.

## Live and Online Training

While everyday support tackles immediate issues, Intuit complements this with ongoing educational opportunities teaching customers to maximize their investment:

– Webinars – Free online seminars cover new features and strategies in short, digestible sessions.

– Virtual conferences – Multi-day workshops bring together Intuit experts and top practitioners for in-depth instruction.

– Classroom training – Public/private classes run by authorized facilitators address customized needs of teams/industries.

– Certification programs – Designations validate advanced expertise through comprehensive exams.

– Business coaching – One-on-one advising helps optimize operations and growth for premium memberships.

These value-added resources help transforms casual users into power-users with continuing education that boosts productivity long-term. Specialized events also build connections among Intuit’s vast customer community.

## Selecting a Certified ProAdvisor

For businesses requiring highly tailored configurations or thorough auditing/advising, Intuit maintains a global roster of vetted Certified ProAdvisor partners authorized to provide paid services. Find one through:

– Industry specialization search – Filter 200+ categories like contractors, nonprofits, retail etc.

– Service location – Filter specialists near your company’s geography for convenient on-site support.

– Customer reviews – Ratings and testimonials help identify most highly recommended advisors.

– Initial consultation – Book time with top candidates before committing to evaluate skill fit.

ProAdvisors invest substantial training to achieve premium status. Their implementation, optimization and strategic guidance empower clients to streamline accounts and gain actionable insights at scale. Intuit safeguards standards through ongoing certification requirements.

## Summary

By offering layers of support that blend artificial and human intelligence, online and live assistance, formal help channels and vibrant communities, Intuit enables customers to become self-sufficient or access escalated help instantly. This unified, comprehensive experience has become the gold standard for the industry and keeps users loyal for life across their financial and business software needs. Problems get solved speedily so Intuit customers stay focused on goals, not glitches.

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