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Intuit Help Number

With over 50 million customers worldwide relying on their tax, accounting, payroll and personal finance products, having readily available customer service is crucial for Intuit. The company provides several Intuit help numbers that individuals, accounting professionals, small businesses and other customers can call for assistance with technical issues, account management, payments, subscriptions and more. This article outlines the primary Intuit help phone numbers available in the United States, best practices for accessing Intuit support efficiently, what to expect when calling, tips for resolving issues effectively via phone support, and an overview of Intuit’s other customer service channels.

Primary Intuit Help and Support Phone Numbers

Here are the key toll-free Intuit help numbers that customers can call for assistance with products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Pro Connect, Lacerte and QuickBooks Payroll:

– TurboTax Support: 1-800-944-8596

– QuickBooks Support: 1-800-446-8848

– Mint Customer Service: 1-866-218-6891

– Intuit Accountants Support: 1-800-446-6174

– QuickBooks Payroll Support: 1-800-815-4318

– Lacerte Support: 1-800-968-0600

– Technical Support for Errors: 1-800-446-8848

– Billing and Payments: 1-866-283-7126

– Activation and Renewals: 1-866-283-7126

These numbers connect customers directly to Intuit’s customer service team for assistance with the specific product they need support with. Most support lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for convenience. Wait times are generally shortest during normal business hours.

Tips for Accessing Intuit Customer Support

Here are some tips for reaching Intuit phone support quickly and efficiently when you need assistance:

– Locate the right help number for your specific product (TurboTax, QuickBooks etc.)

– Have your account information handy like email address, account numbers, transaction details

– Call during normal business hours when wait times are lower

– Opt for a callback so you don’t lose your place in line if waits are long

– When prompted by the auto attendant, clearly state your issue to be routed correctly

– Write down the name of the agent assisting you and any ticket or case number you receive

– If necessary, politely ask to speak to a supervisor for complex issues

– Before hanging up, clarify next steps and any follow-up needed

What to Expect When Calling Intuit Customer Service

When you call an Intuit help number, here is generally what you can expect:

– A greeting message with menu options for common issues to streamline routing

– Being connected to the next available agent after providing some basic account information

– The agent verifying your identity for security before accessing your account

– Discussing the specific issue, error message or question you need addressed

– The agent walking through troubleshooting, account changes or resolving your case

– Providing detailed information to the agent so they can assist you properly

– Potential wait or follow up required if more troubleshooting is needed

– Receiving a case or reference number to track your issue if it requires escalation

– A survey after your call to provide feedback on your experience

Having the right expectations when calling helps ensure you get the assistance needed efficiently. Intuit help agents are trained to provide friendly, knowledgeable support.

Tips for Resolving Intuit Issues Effectively via Phone Support

To get issues resolved quickly and completely when calling Intuit customer service, the following best practices are recommended:

– Clearly explain your question or issue at the start of the call

– Have details like account numbers, transaction dates/amounts, and error messages ready

– Follow agent instructions and suggestions exactly

– Take detailed notes during the call to retain troubleshooting steps

– Ask clarifying questions if you need help understanding anything

– Request escalation to a supervisor if needed for complex issues

– Get a case number for any issues requiring additional research or follow up

– Stay polite but persistent if your issue is not fully resolved initially

– Once resolved, restate the solution back to confirm understanding before hanging up

– Thank the agent for their time and assistance before ending the call

Following these tips will help you get the most out of your call and maximize chances of having your issue fully resolved in a quick, satisfactory manner.

Intuit Customer Service Channels Beyond Phone Support

In addition to helpful phone support, Intuit offers customers several other customer service channels:

– Live Chat – Available directly through account dashboards, chat queues are often shorter than phone waits.

– Community Forums – Intuit moderated forums let customers post questions and engage with fellow users to get help.

– DIY Help Tools – Articles, FAQs and troubleshooting resources provide self-service support.

– Social Media Support – Intuit maintains active accounts on Facebook and Twitter for responding to issues and questions.

– Email Support – Customers can email questions or issues to receive email assistance.

– Self-service account management – Manage subscriptions, payments, personal details and more through online accounts.

Having access to phone, digital engagement, social channels and self-service ensures customers can resolve issues quickly through their preferred method. Intuit is committed to comprehensive customer support.


With leading products relied on by over 50 million customers, having readily available help resources is critical for Intuit. Their toll-free help phone numbers provide direct access to knowledgeable agents who can troubleshoot account issues, provide billing assistance, answer how-to questions and resolve errors across the company’s software solutions. Following best practices on the call and having account details handy helps drive swift, effective resolutions. Intuit complements helpful phone support with additional channels like live chat, community forums, self-help tools and social media engagement, ensuring customers have a choice of accessible support options.

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