Intuit Hirevue Interview Questions

Many candidates applying for jobs at Intuit will undergo video interviews powered by HireVue. These on-demand video interviews allow applicants to respond to pre-recorded questions on their own time. Understanding the types of HireVue questions asked for Intuit roles and preparing answers in advance is key to presenting your best self and moving forward in the hiring process. This article provides an overview of Intuit’s use of HireVue interviews, the benefits of this approach, insider tips for preparing for your Intuit HireVue, examples of common Intuit video interview questions across roles, and advice for acing your on-demand interview.

An Overview of Intuit’s Use of HireVue

Intuit uses HireVue digital video interviews as a screening step for many of their open roles from engineering to finance to customer service positions. It helps Intuit assess and advance top candidates in an efficient, consistent way.

Some key facts about Intuit’s HireVue video interviews:

– Used early in the hiring process to screen applicants at high volume

– Enables candidates to complete the interview anytime from a computer or mobile device

– Applicants have the ability to re-record answers until satisfied

– Interviews are typically 5-8 questions focusing on role-related competencies

– Responses are analyzed by AI algorithms and reviewed by Intuit recruiters

– Helps identify and shortlist candidates with the best potential fit

Completing the HireVue effectively is crucial for moving forward to subsequent interview rounds.

Benefits of Intuit’s Use of HireVue Interviews

There are several benefits to Intuit using HireVue as part of the hiring process:

– Convenient and efficient for assessing high applicant volume

– Gives candidates flexibility to complete when it fits their schedule

– Allows candidates time to prepare responses and re-record if needed

– Reduces bias by focusing on competencies vs. demographics

– Surfaces candidates with the abilities and motivation Intuit seeks

– Provides a sense of what working at Intuit is like early on

– Prepares candidates for subsequent live interviews

– Enables Intuit to evaluate applicants at broad scale

For both Intuit and candidates, HireVue interviews unlock advantages traditional interview methods cannot easily match.

Insider Tips to Prepare for Your Intuit HireVue Interview

These tips will help you have an effective Intuit video interview experience:

– Use a current resume to refresh yourself on accomplishments and skills

– Research Intuit’s mission, products, services, and target candidate qualities

– Test your webcam, microphone, internet connection, and the software in advance

– Reduce background noise and distractions so you can focus

– Be authentic – Intuit values candidates who are genuine

– Speak clearly and maintain eye contact with the camera

– Highlight your strengths and abilities related to the job

– Have examples ready that showcase your capabilities

– Be concise – shorter, focused answers are best

– Take a few moments to gather thoughts before responding

– Keep calm and confident even if you need to re-record

Thorough preparation and practicing your responses will help you come across as a strong candidate with the traits Intuit looks for.

Examples of Common Intuit HireVue Interview Questions

Though the specific questions vary across roles at Intuit, here are examples of the types of questions commonly asked:

Behavioral/Situational Questions

– Tell me about a time you had to rapidly learn a new skill to overcome a project challenge. How did you do it?

– Describe a situation where you had to solve a difficult technical or business-related problem. What was the outcome?

– When dealing with an upset customer, what steps do you take to resolve the issue?

– What is your approach to collaborating with team members whose work styles are very different from yours?

– Tell me about a time you failed at something work-related. How did you respond and what did you learn?

Role-Competency Questions

– How do you stay on top of the latest developments and trends in your field?

– What strategies do you use to organize and prioritize your workload when facing tight deadlines?

– Give an example of a time you had to analyze data or information and make a recommendation. What was the situation and outcome?

– How do you ensure accuracy and quality in your day-to-day work?

– When dealing with ambiguity, how do you determine the best course of action?

Motivation and Culture-Fit Questions

– What most excites you about this role at Intuit?

– How would colleagues describe your work style and values?

– What attracted you to want to work for Intuit?

– How do you think your skills would contribute to Intuit’s mission and goals?

– An example of a time you had to represent your company’s values to customers or partners.

Tips for Acing Your Intuit HireVue Interview

To ace your Intuit video interview, make sure to:

– Have a professional, tidy background and dress professionally

– Greet the camera and smile to appear warm and confident

– Listen to each question fully before answering

– Speak slowly, clearly, and with appropriate volume

– Provide specific examples that highlight achievements

– Be energetic and enthusiastic in your tone

– Make eye contact directly with the camera frequently

– Keep answers focused and within time limits

– Close by expressing interest in and fit for the role at Intuit

With preparation and practice, you can leverage your Intuit HireVue interview to move forward in the hiring process.


Intuit’s use of HireVue video interviews provides an efficient way for the company to evaluate applicants and identify top talent during the hiring process. Understanding Intuit’s interview format, practicing responses, highlighting your skills, providing compelling examples, and following tips for delivering polished answers sets you up for success. With preparation, candidates can stand out and progress through subsequent interview stages. A stellar HireVue interview performance reflects positively on your abilities and motivation to excel at Intuit.

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