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Creating a Culture of Innovation and Impact at Intuit


Known for powering financial platforms like QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint, and Credit Karma, Intuit has consistently ranked among the “Best Companies to Work For” thanks to its welcoming, collaborative culture. This article will examine what makes Intuit a sought-after employer, from its values and flexible policies to professional growth opportunities. By showcasing Intuit’s approach to culture, leadership, and benefits, we’ll explore why it’s an inspiring place for talent across many disciplines to build meaningful careers with impact.


Intuit’s Vision and Values


Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity around the world through financial tools that help consumers, small businesses, and their communities. The company’s core values that define its culture include:


– We take care of each other. Intuit fosters an environment where employees feel welcomed, respected, cared for, and appreciated. Kindness and empathy matter.


– We succeed together. Teamwork and collaboration is encouraged over competition. Diverse perspectives make Intuit stronger.


– We innovate without fear of failure. Taking risks, trying new ideas, and iterating is valued over perfection. Failures become learnings.


– We run it like we own it. Employees have autonomy with accountability to solve problems creatively.


– We respect each other’s time. Meetings run efficiently and only when needed. Respect for work-life balance is crucial.


Intuit looks for team members who embody these values focused on innovation, customer obsession, inclusion and making an impact. The company empowers employees to deliver results while bringing their best selves to work.


Flexible, Supportive Work Environment


To help employees thrive professionally and personally, Intuit offers:


– Flexible work arrangements – Employees can often customize schedules and remote work based on their roles.


– Generous vacation time – New hires start with 10 days vacation plus another 10 personal days per year.


– Caregiver leave – Up to 12 weeks paid leave for childbirth or family caregiving.


– Sabbatical program – Longer term paid sabbaticals offered after 5 years at Intuit.


– Volunteer time off – Employees receive paid time to volunteer with causes they care about.


– Employee network groups – Over 20 networks provide support and community for women, families, veterans, LGBTQ staff, and more.


– Tuition assistance – Up to $5,250 a year for continuing education and development.


– Adoption and fertility benefits – Reimbursed costs for eligible medical procedures.


This blend of flexible work arrangements, family caregiving support, and learning benefits allows Intuiters to develop professionally while still having rich personal lives.


Focus on Career Growth


Intuit fosters rapid skill development and career progression through:


– Exposure to leaders – Cross-functional projects let employees engage with executives.


– Manager coaching – Frequent one-on-ones provide growth opportunities.


– Internal mobility – Over 50% of roles filled through internal transfers provide breadth.


– Training programs – Courses in fields like data science, design thinking, and leadership.


– Tuition reimbursement – Ongoing education funded up to $5,250 annually.


– Hackathons – Rapid skill building solving problems in creative teams.


– Mentorship – Programs like executive and new hire mentoring share experiences.


– Development communities – Networks for skills like product management enhance peer learning.


This combination enables employees at all levels to chart rewarding career paths at Intuit. Even entry level roles come with enrichment opportunities.


Innovation Anchored in Customer Obsession


To build products users love, Intuit cultivates an innovation mindset focused on the customer through:


– Idea jams – Crowdsourcing solutions from global employees on customer pain points.


– Customer advisory boards – Getting direct user perspectives to inform product direction.


– Innovation catalysts – Piloting new concepts quickly through designated teams.


– Design for delight – Crafting emotional connections beyond just functional needs.


– Data-driven decisions – Quantitative and qualitative insights guide choices.


– Global reach – Understanding diverse customer audiences worldwide.


– Expert platform vision – Developing AI and connected services that solve pressing financial problems.


From ideation to development, Intuit starts with addressing customer jobs-to-be-done. The company knows that demographic data alone does not capture true motivations. Deep human empathy guides innovation.


Inspiring Leadership


At all levels, leaders at Intuit set the tone through:


– Authenticity and accessibility – Managers have open doors and share their own stories.


– Clear direction – Context around priorities helps teams own outcomes.


– Developing talent – Leaders derive satisfaction from mentoring rising stars.


– Technical knowledge – Managers understand the details of disciplines they oversee.


– Diversity advocacy – Ensuring all voices are represented in decision making.


– Work-life balance – Leading by example on maintaining life integration.


Intuit recognizes great leadership is enabling, not commanding. The company’s core values transcend any single leader.


By walking the walk on Intuit’s cultural pillars from top to bottom, leaders reinforce norms where all team members can excel through trust, accountability and growth.


The Intuit College Experience


Intuit’s multi-building Mountain View campus feels like a college environment with:


– Casual dress – Jeans and casual wear are the norm. No suits or ties needed.


– Clubs – Employee-led groups for hobbies, affinity groups and volunteering.


– Open architecture – Buildings interlinked with natural light and outdoor walkways.


– Amenities – Cafes, fitness centers, sports facilities, and free snacks onsite.


– Meeting spaces – Everything from large event venues to casual soft seating areas.


– Local transportation – Shuttles within the Bay Area eliminate commute hassles.


– Onsite childcare – Nurseries and summer camps catering to working families.


Intuit’s campus supports convenience, collaboration and a sense of community. The vibe is youthful and laid-back vs. corporate.


Intuit also has major offices in San Diego, Denver, New York, India and other locations globally. Regardless of geography, Intuiters experience a consistent culture.


Bringing Mission and Values to Life


Intuit’s own marketing team members describe how the company’s values manifest daily:


“Teamwork isn’t just encouraged – it’s essential to bring our collective strengths together to solve problems. Individual success comes from shared success.”


“Taking smart risks is baked into everything we do, from quickly testing concepts to having the courage to enter new categories.”


“The work truly feels meaningful here. We’re passionate about powering prosperity for consumers and small businesses.”


“There’s no playbook for innovation. We embrace trying new things and learn quickly from failures.”


“Leaders empower me to chart my own course. The trust and autonomy is motivating.”


Intuit believes inspired employees create inspiring products for their customers. By living its values and cultivating a people-first environment, Intuit delivers critical financial tools empowering prosperity. For those who share Intuit’s mission, it’s an engaging, supportive workplace to call home.

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