A Comprehensive Look at Intuit Academy: Reviews, Courses, Credentials & More


Intuit Academy provides a wide array of online training programs related to accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, financial software, small business finances, and entrepreneurship skills. With both free and paid course options, along with certifications and credentials, Intuit Academy aims to equip learners with job-ready skills and knowledge. This extensive article will examine Intuit Academy reviews, course details, credentials offered, costs, ideal students, and overall pros and cons to help you evaluate these learning programs.

Overview of Intuit Academy

Intuit Academy is the educational training division of Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint, Credit Karma, and other leading financial software tools. Some key things to know about Intuit Academy:

– Online courses focused on accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, financial software, small business finances, taxes, and other money topics

– Self-paced e-learning model with course durations ranging from 1 hour overviews to 40+ hour certificate programs

– Credentials like QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) can be obtained upon completing certain courses

– Options for free courses as well as paid packages for full programs and certifications

– Instruction provided through videos, tutorials, practice exercises, quizzes, expert explanations, and more

– Online community forum for asking questions and interacting with fellow students

## Overview of Intuit Academy Course Offerings

Intuit Academy provides over 50 online courses and multi-course programs in topics spanning:

QuickBooks Training

– QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Pro training at beginner to advanced levels

– Industry-specific QuickBooks courses for contractors, nonprofit, manufacturing, etc.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

– Accounting fundamentals, terms, and best practices

– Double-entry bookkeeping, GAAP principles, financial statements

– Payroll, 1099 contractors, taxes, reconciliation, bank feeds

Financial Software

– Microsoft Excel for accounting and bookkeeping

– QuickBooks apps like Bill & Payroll Connector

– POS systems, accounting integrations, and add-ons

Business and Financial Topics

– Finance concepts like pricing, budgeting, cash flow
– Reading and analyzing financial statements
– Business taxes, deductions, and asset management
– Financing options and business accounting basics

Specialized Credentials

– 6-course QuickBooks Online Certification bundle
– 70+ hour Bookkeeper Certification Training bundle
– QuickBooks + Excel with Accounting bundle

Overview of Intuit Academy Reviews

Intuit Academy currently has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on over 15,000 online student reviews on sites like Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and Course Report. Some of the most commonly cited pros of Intuit Academy in positive reviews include:

– Generates confidence and functional skills to actually do bookkeeping and accounting tasks after completing courses

– Excellent preparation for passing the QuickBooks Certified User exam

– Very cost effective compared to a college class or intensive bootcamp

– Self-paced model accommodates busy schedules

– Practice exercises within real QuickBooks Online interface for hands-on software experience

– Explains accounting concepts clearly even for total beginners

– Certifications and credentials help build qualifications and resumes

The most frequent criticisms found in negative Intuit Academy reviews include:

– Minor technical glitches within the online course platform

– Wanting additional or deeper training on some specialized topics

– Credential exam prep still requires supplementing with other materials

– Not as comprehensive as a full accounting degree program

But on the whole, verified student reviews and testimonials tend to be very positive regarding the quality, value, and experience of Intuit Academy training.

## Intuit Academy Pricing and Costs

Intuit Academy offers both free courses as well as paid packages:

Free Courses

– Individual courses like QuickBooks Tutorials, Analyzing Financial Statements, Finance Fundamentals, etc.

– No cost to enroll but do not come with certifications

Paid Programs

– Bundles like QuickBooks Certification ($199.99) or Bookkeeping Certificate ($599.99)

– All Access Pass for $999.99 annually with unlimited course access

– Discount codes sometimes offered on paid programs

The paid course bundles provide verified certificates, credentials, badges, exam voucher codes, and enhanced learning features.

Credentials Offered by Intuit Academy

Intuit Academy provides credentials in QuickBooks, Bookkeeping, and Accounting that can enhance your qualifications and resume:

QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU)

The QBCU credential proves you have skills across QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Pro versions. Ideal for bookkeeping and accounting professionals.

Bookkeeper Certification

This demonstrates proficiency in double-entry bookkeeping, GAAP standards, financial statements, adjustments, and other core skills.

Accounting Fundamentals Certificate

Validates your understanding of accounting terms, concepts, workflows, financial ratios, statements, and best practices.

Earning these credentials helps showcase your skills and enhance job prospects in accounting or finance.

Ideal Students for Intuit Academy

Anyone can enroll, key groups that can benefit most from Intuit Academy include:

– Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs seeking to manage their own books and finances

– Career changers transitioning into accounting, bookkeeping or financial roles

– Accounting and finance students looking to supplement classroom learning

– Finance professionals wanting to expand and update software skills like QuickBooks

– Job seekers needing resume-building certifications and skills to enter the field

– Anyone with a casual interest in learning accounting concepts and money management best practices

Pros of Intuit Academy Training

Cost Savings – Far more affordable than college accounting courses or intensive bootcamp programs.

Self-Paced – Learn on your own schedule and speed without fixed class times.

Topics Covered – Comprehensive accounting, QuickBooks, and bookkeeping training options.

Software Experience – Get hands-on practice using real QuickBooks interface.

Industry-Tailored – Specialized courses for industries like nonprofit, consulting, retail, etc.

Credentials – Certifications enhance credentials for accounting professionals.

Easy Access – All online e-learning without geographic limitations.

Potential Cons to Consider

No Instructor Access – Lacks direct support or interactions with teacher.

Self-Directed – Requires discipline for self-motivated learning without fixed schedule.

Exam Prep Limited – May need to supplement with additional test prep materials for certifications.

Not Accredited – Intuit Academy itself is not an accredited educational institution.

Technical Issues – Minor complaints about glitches in the online platform in some reviews.

Not All-Encompassing – Does not cover every accounting topic or concept to the same depth as degree programs.


In summary, Intuit Academy emerges very positively in the vast majority of verified student reviews as an affordable, flexible, and well-designed source for online training in high-demand accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and small business financial skills. From short free introductions to paid credentials, Intuit Academy offers versatile learning pathways. While ideal for current or aspiring accounting professionals needing certifications, any student looking to develop financial acumen can benefit. Just be aware of the limitations around instructor access, exam prep, and depth versus accredited programs. But overall, Intuit Academy provides reputable and recommended accounting and finance training.

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