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Adidas vs. Puma: A Complete Sizing Guide

Finding your perfect shoe size can be a tricky guessing game. And it gets even more confusing when iconic brands like Adidas and Puma size differently.

How do you know if you’re a solid size 9 in Adidas but an 8.5 in Puma? Or maybe a wide footer in Stan Smiths but a true 10 in Puma Suedes?

Don’t stress – we’ll unpack everything you need to know about Adidas and Puma sizing quirks, from historical origins to model-specific tips. Consider this your inside guide to finding footwear perfection.

Same German Roots, Sizing Divergence

You might expect shared sizing standards between Adidas and Puma – after all, the brands were founded by feuding brothers in Germany. But cracks emerged in their shoe size approaches.

After quarreling constantly, Adolf Dassler launched Adidas while Rudolf Dassler started rival Puma across town in 1948. In competing fiercely to best each other, their sizing philosophies diverged over generations of sneaker innovation.

Today, baffling size discrepancies persist between the two brands. But armed with insider knowledge, you can confidently find your ideal fit.

Adidas Sizing: Running Roomy

Adidas places priority on comfort and performance above all. Here’s what to expect:

  • Tend to run large/long compared to other brands
  • Range of widths beyond standard D for roomier options
  • Iconic models like Superstar and Stan Smith fit big
  • Consider sizing down, especially in lifestyle vs. performance shoes

Adidas sneakers are designed generously with wiggle room from toe to heel. A little extra space to move comes standard.

Puma Sizing: A Snugger Fit

Meanwhile, Puma sneakers skew snugger through the midfoot and toe box:

  • Typically run narrower than Adidas
  • Limited wide width options
  • Iconic suede styles fit narrow and small
  • Size up if you have wide feet
  • European sizing means smaller sizes than in US

Puma prioritizes precision over roominess – expect a close “sock-like” fit.

Dial in Your Size For Each Brand

With divergent approaches to fit, sizing the same across Adidas and Puma will often lead to issues. Follow these tips for your best fit:

  • Try on in-store whenever possible
  • Focus on fit feel over size number
  • Size up at Puma if you have wide feet
  • Size down at Adidas for a less roomy fit
  • Read reviews about specific model sizing quirks
  • Order multiple sizes online if needed
  • Measure your feet and reference size charts

Going the extra mile for your ideal size pays off in comfort – no matter which brand you prefer.

Which Sneaker Icon Gets Your Sole?

With insider sizing knowledge for Adidas and Puma under your belt, you can now choose a pair with total confidence.

Maybe you’ll pick Adidas for performance shoes with a little extra wiggle room built in. Or perhaps Puma’s precision fit suits your foot proportions perfectly.

Either way, sizing up the options helps you land on an iconic sneaker with the ideal fit for your needs. You can’t go wrong lacing into legends with history on their side.

Shop Adidas and Puma Kicks in Your Size

Ready to experience the Dassler sneaker legacy for yourself? Browse and purchase shoes from Adidas and Puma online in your dialed-in size.

At Adidas, find customized performance shoes like UltraBoost along with roomy classics like Superstars and Stan Smiths.

Puma offers a snugger fit with their suede lines, CELL cushioning tech and collabs made for fashion points.

Whichever you choose, rep iconic German heritage with the perfect fit. Let your sneakers write the next chapter in an endless sneaker rivalry.

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