Footwear Fit: Adidas vs Puma

19 Little Known Facts About Adidas and Puma That Even Their Fans Don't Know

Adidas vs. Puma: Whose Shoes Fit Best?

Adidas and Puma – two powerhouse brands steeped in sneaker history. But whose shoes fit true to size, and whose run small or large?

When your feet are on the line, fit trumps brand loyalty. Read on for an in-depth look at sizing and fit differences between the iconic sportswear rivals.

Same German Roots, Different Fit Approaches

Adidas and Puma seem cut from the same cloth – after all, they were founded by feuding brothers in Germany. But footwear fit proves not all roots run deep.

After a bitter falling out, Adolf Dassler launched Adidas and Rudolf Dassler founded Puma in 1948. In vying to outdo one another, the brothers diverged in shoe fit philosophies.

Generations later, discrepancies in fit persist between the historic brands. Understanding how Adidas and Puma shoes size and feel can make all the difference for your feet.

Adidas Footwear Fit Overview

Adidas places priority on comfort and performance. Key fit insights:

  • Tend to run true to size or slightly large
  • Designed with wider feet in mind
  • Focus on roomy toe box and forefoot
  • Offer different widths in some models
  • Iconic models like Superstar and Stan Smith fit large

With technology like Boost midsoles and Primeknit uppers, Adidas shoes aim to move naturally with feet – even if that means more wiggle room.

Puma Footwear Fit Overview

Puma emphasizes precision with a snugger, “sock-like” fit. Here’s what to expect:

  • Often run narrower and smaller than Adidas
  • Accommodate average to narrow feet best
  • Prioritize midfoot lockdown over toe room
  • Limited wide size options
  • Iconic suede styles fit narrow

Puma designs focus on support and light weight, not excessive space. Expect a closer foot-hugging feel from head to toe.

Dialing in Your Ideal Fit

To find your perfect Adidas or Puma fit:

  • Try on multiple sizes, especially with newer models
  • Focus on fit feel over size number
  • Consider your foot proportions
  • Read reviews about specific shoes running large or small
  • For wide feet, Adidas likely offers more room
  • For narrow feet, Puma may fit truer to size

Finding the sweet spot on fit for your feet makes all the difference – no matter whose side you rep.

Which Brand Will You Lace Up With?

Now that you know the fit philosophies of these historic sneaker heavyweights, you can choose your footwear confidently.

Adidas offers room to move and breathe, Puma promises precise lockdown. Both brands deliver iconic style – the ideal fit depends on you.

Maybe you’ll pick performance over fashion, or vice versa. Perhaps comfort and feel trump all. Sizing up the options opens the door to your perfect pair.

Shop Adidas and Puma Kicks Online

Ready to step into the right sneaker legend for your feet? Browse and buy the latest shoes from Adidas and Puma online.

Find spacious yet responsive performance shoes at Adidas like UltraBoost, NMD, or customized designs.

Check Puma for form-fitting speed and style with their suede classics, CELL cushioning and streetwise collabs.

Whichever you choose, let fit guide you to iconic sneakers with the right feel. The Dassler legacy now laces up to your feet.

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