INTUIT ACADEMY: Unlocking Your Potential for Career Success


Intuit Academy is an innovative learning platform created by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint. The academy provides online courses, credentials and workforce development programs aimed at equipping people with job-ready skills and knowledge.

Whether you’re an accounting student looking to boost your resume, a bookkeeper wanting to advance your skills, or simply seeking a career change into the field of finance, Intuit Academy has a program tailored for you. Read on to learn more about how Intuit Academy can pave the way for your career growth and success.

Overview of Intuit Academy

Intuit Academy represents the company’s major initiative to develop talent and open up new employment pathways. The Intuit Academy platform features:

– Online courses and certificates – Self-paced learning programs focused on accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, financial software and professional business skills.

– Vocational programs – Structured virtual courses geared toward launching finance careers for the unemployed and underemployed.

– University partnerships – Collaborations with colleges and universities to incorporate Intuit curriculum into degree programs.

– Apprenticeships- Paid on-the-job work experience combined with Intuit training to create career opportunities.

– Hiring and recruiting – Connecting top Intuit Academy graduates to employers seeking accounting and finance professionals.

The Intuit Academy utilizes technology, data and human expertise to help train the next generation of financial leaders. Its innovative approach closes the skills gap, connects talent to opportunity, and strengthens local economics Key Benefits of Intuit Academy

Why should you consider Intuit Academy for your learning and career development needs? Here are some of the key benefits this platform provides:

Build In-Demand Skills

Intuit Academy focuses on teaching skills that are in high demand across accounting and finance:

– QuickBooks expertise
– Cloud accounting knowledge
– Payroll management
– Tax preparation
– Data analysis
– Financial reporting

These skills are sought after by employers. Developing them through the Intuit Academy can make you extremely marketable.

Flexible, Self-Paced Learning

Intuit Academy courses offer flexibility to fit your schedule. Programs are self-paced online, so you can progress through lessons at your convenience. You’ll have access to content 24/7 to study anytime, anywhere.

Earn Professional Credentials

Intuit Academy courses allows you to earn industry-recognized credentials and certificates. These look great on a resume and validate your skills to potential employers.

Affordable Education

Pricing for Intuit Academy courses and certificates is very reasonable compared to traditional college programs. This makes quality career education accessible to more people.

Job Opportunities

Intuit partners with organizations looking to hire academy graduates. You’ll have access to openings that align with your newly acquired skills and credentials.

For anyone seeking to start or advance an accounting or bookkeeping career, the benefits of Intuit Academy are simply unmatched in terms of value, flexibility and opportunity.

Intuit Academy Courses and Credentials

Intuit Academy offers a diverse catalog of learning programs catered to various career goals and knowledge levels. Here is an overview of some of the popular courses and credentials available.

QuickBooks Certification

For new and experienced QuickBooks users alike, becoming QuickBooks certified is a great way to confirm and demonstrate your skills. Intuit Academy offers two certification levels:

– QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU): Validates core proficiency in QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Perfect for bookkeepers and accountants using QuickBooks.

– QuickBooks Advanced Certified User (QBACU): Proves deeper application and troubleshooting abilities for intermediate-to-advanced QuickBooks users.

Earning these certifications requires passing exams testing your QuickBooks knowledge. Certified users gain credentials to advance their careers and open doors to new job opportunities.

Bookkeeping Certificate

If you’re interested in becoming a bookkeeper or accounting clerk, Intuit Academy’s Bookkeeping Certificate is an excellent way to start. This program provides training in:

– Double-entry bookkeeping
– Preparing financial statements
– Accounting for sales, assets, liabilities and equity
– Using accounting software like QuickBooks

Once completed, you’ll have fundamental bookkeeping skills for entry-level roles. The Bookkeeping Certificate can be finished in under 3 months.

Payroll Certification

Properly managing payroll is crucial for every business. Intuit Academy’s Payroll Certification helps you master critical skills like:

– Configuring payroll taxes
– Calculating deductions and contributions
– Processing paychecks and direct deposits
– Filing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns

Earning Intuit’s Payroll Certification can help you land payroll specialist jobs or advance in an accounting career.

Tax Preparation Certificate

Intuit is the maker of TurboTax software. Through Intuit Academy, you can gain expertise in tax preparation by becoming a TurboTax Certified Tax Online Professional.

The Tax Preparation Certificate trains you on:

– Individual and business income tax return preparation
– Tax form completion
– Tax law fundamentals
– Using TurboTax to file returns

With tax reform measures constantly evolving, these skills will be in demand. Completing this certificate can open doors to seasonal tax preparer jobs or full-time tax specialist roles.

Beyond these, Intuit Academy offers many more course and certificate options tailored to various accounting and finance career paths. Browse the catalog to find a learning program matched to your goals.

Vocational Programs for Opportunity Seekers

Intuit Academy also provides immersive virtual vocational programs aimed at helping opportunity seekers start careers in the financial sector. Two examples are:

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Vocational Program

This course prepares unemployed and underemployed people for entry-level payroll and bookkeeping jobs. Over 7 weeks, you gain skills in:

– QuickBooks payroll setup and processing
– Managing payroll taxes and filings
– Running payroll reports
– Email and phone communication

Once completed, you’ll earn QuickBooks Payroll Certification. Intuit partners with employers to help graduates secure payroll roles.

Intuit Junior Bookkeeper Vocational Program

Designed for those with no prior experience, this program teaches core skills needed for bookkeeping and accounting work. The curriculum covers:

– Double entry bookkeeping
– Bank reconciliations
– Transaction recording
– Month-end procedures
– Communicating professionally

Graduates earn Intuit’s Bookkeeping Certificate. The program takes about 12 weeks and prepares you for junior bookkeeping jobs.

For the underserved looking to pivot into financial services fields, these vocational programs from Intuit Academy provide accessible, effective training combined with employment assistance.

University Partnerships: Earn a Degree

Intuit Academy also partners with colleges and universities to incorporate its curriculum into degree programs. Examples include:

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College offers an Associate’s degree in Accounting Technology where students complete Intuit QuickBooks training and certification as part of the program. This infusion of real-world payroll and accounting software skills makes graduates very employable.

University of Phoenix

Learners pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at University of Phoenix can integrate Intuit QuickBooks courses and certification into their program. This enhances hands-on financial software abilities.

Purdue University Global

Undergraduates at Purdue Global can select Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) training to fulfill elective requirements in certain programs. This adds concrete accounting system skills to complement traditional academic coursework.

Through these university collaborations, Intuit Academy content is being built into degree programs to close the skills gap and better prepare graduates for modern finance careers.

Apprenticeships: Earn While You Learn

The Intuit Academy also facilitates apprenticeships that provide paid on-the-job experience combined with skills training.

For example, the Intuit Salesforce Accounting Apprenticeship Program places candidates into full-time roles at organizations using Salesforce and QuickBooks. Apprentices get:

– Competitive wages while working
– Mentorship from experienced professionals
– Intuit training to deepen financial software and accounting knowledge

This earn-while-you-learn model allows apprentices to gain real work expertise and credentials to advance their careers. Intuit connects graduates to permanent job placements once they complete the program.

By collaborating with employers to structure paid apprenticeships targeted to tangible skills gaps, Intuit Academy opens new pathways to quality jobs.

Getting Hired: Intuit Academy and Your Career

A major benefit of Intuit Academy is connecting top graduates to real job opportunities. Intuit partners with organizations around the world to fill accounting and finance positions.

Ways the academy can assist your job search include:

– Skills validation – Earning Intuit Academy credentials shows employers you have job-ready abilities.

– Hiring events – Intuit hosts virtual career fairs to match graduates with employers.

– Job boards – Intuit provides access to openings from firms looking for academy alumni.

– Recruitment – Intuit’s talent acquisition team proactively recruits from the academy graduate pool.

So in addition to building your knowledge through world-class training, Intuit Academy opens doors to get you hired and advance your financial services career.

Intuit Academy: Invest in Your Potential

Whether you’re a student, job seeker or accounting professional, Intuit Academy offers accessible, affordable and effective ways to:

– Build in-demand finance, accounting and tech skills

– Earn credentials that boost employability

– Bridge the gap from education into a successful career

– Upgrade your resume and open doors to new job opportunities

If you’re motivated to kickstart or grow a prosperous accounting or bookkeeping career, the innovative learning programs and human expertise at Intuit Academy present a winning formula for skill-building and employment. The Intuit brand carries immense value in the finance world. Now is the time to invest in your potential by tapping into the transformative learning resources of Intuit Academy.

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