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INTUIT ARENA: The New Home of the Arizona Coyotes Hockey Team


Table of Contents
– Introduction
– About Intuit Arena
– Location
– Construction and Design
– Amenities and Features
– Importance for the Arizona Coyotes
– New Modern Facility
– Increased Revenue Opportunities
– Enhanced Fan Experience
– Impact on the Local Community
– Economic Boost
– Jobs Created
– Place for Entertainment
– Notable Events and Moments
– Groundbreaking and Construction
– Inaugural Season
– Prospective Concerts and Performances
– The Future of Intuit Arena
– Solidifying a Long-Term Home
– Drawing More Fans
– Potential for Growth


The Intuit Arena is a state-of-the-art indoor multi-purpose arena in Tempe, Arizona serving as the new home of the National Hockey League’s Arizona Coyotes starting in the 2022-2023 season. The arena, which can seat up to 16,000 for hockey games, represents a major investment in the future of the franchise as well as the local community. With a modern and appealing design, premium amenities, and greater revenue potential, the Intuit Arena will provide an enhanced experience for Coyotes fans while also attracting top concerts and other events to the area.

The $400 million project has been years in the making, with the Coyotes having played at the dated Gila River Arena in Glendale since 2003. Now situated in a more optimal location closer to its fanbase in the eastern Phoenix metro, the team is primed to usher in an exciting new chapter at Intuit Arena. This article will provide an in-depth look at the key features of the new arena, what it means for the Coyotes franchise, its projected impact on Tempe and surrounding communities, and what the future may hold.

About Intuit Arena


Strategically situated within Tempe’s Novus Innovation Corridor along Rio Salado Parkway, Intuit Arena occupies a highly visible and accessible plot just south of Tempe Town Lake. Adjacent to Arizona State University’s Tempe campus, it places the Coyotes in closer proximity to many of their loyal fans in the eastern suburbs of Phoenix. The site is part of an extensive commercial development in the works by the arena’s developer, Bluebird City Land. Fans can access the arena via nearby Loop 202 and by light rail at the Novus Station stop.

Construction and Design

Ground was broken on the Intuit Arena in June 2022, with construction handled by Hunt & Sundt. The estimated completion date is July 2022, in time for the arena’s inaugural event. The distinctive design was conceived by architects at Gould Evans in collaboration with the Coyotes organization. It features an outward-facing bowl shape and an exterior facade with angled Premier Upper Metal Panel cladding in black, sand, and silver shades. This dynamic pattern is inspired by the Coyotes’ howling logo.

Inside, the main bowl has a flexible layout optimal for hockey as well as concerts and other events. The upper levels hold steeply pitched seating while luxury suites and premium clubs encircle the main level. Concourses are spacious and offer great views into the arena bowl. Scoreboards utilize state-of-the-art video technology to enhance the in-game experience. The ice rink and production capabilities meet NHL standards for hosting hockey events.

Amenities and Features

Intuit Arena is designed as a premier entertainment venue with fan-friendly amenities throughout. Concession stands and restaurants will offer an extensive selection of food and beverages, including local and regional fare. Luxury suites and clubs provide premium spaces to entertain, conduct business, and relax during events. Team stores allow fans to shop for Coyotes and concert merchandise.

The arena has over 50 restroom facilities located for ease of access from seating areas. First aid stations, baby changing areas, and nursing stations ensure patron comfort. A team of guest experience staff will be available to provide assistance. The arena aims to have extensive cell and wifi coverage to keep fans connected.

Multiple entrances around the perimeter of Intuit Arena allow for smooth ingress and egress of crowds. Onsite parking in surface lots and garages can accommodate over 4,000 vehicles. Drop-off zones are designated to easily deliver patrons via rideshare or taxi. Bike storage racks encourage cycling to events. The adjacent Novus light rail station also enables easy access.

Importance for the Arizona Coyotes

The Intuit Arena represents a game-changing development for the Arizona Coyotes franchise as they move into a new era. After years of uncertainty about their home, this arena provides long-sought stability and modern amenities.

New Modern Facility

First and foremost, the Coyotes organization gains a shiny new arena designed specifically for NHL hockey and equipped with fan-friendly features. Intuit Arena will replace the outdated Gila River Arena which lacked revenue-generating aspects and was not properly configured for hockey viewing. The new arena’s layout and sightlines provide an optimal live game experience that should excite Coyotes fans.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

A huge motivator in the arena deal was gaining access to more profitable revenue streams. Intuit Arena unlocks lucrative naming rights, premium seating, concessions, sponsorships, and non-hockey events for the franchise. These diverse income sources will be crucial for the team’s financial viability in Arizona’s smaller market. The arena also enables the Coyotes to better monetize their audience and enhance the value of corporate partnerships.

Enhanced Fan Experience

Modern conveniences and amenities of Intuit Arena will please loyal Coyotes fans who have patiently awaited a first-class venue. Comfortable seating, appealing food and drink options, engaging video boards, and convenient amenities should make for an excellent live event atmosphere. Easy ingress/egress and ample parking also help the overall experience. Exciting pre-game festivals and activations outside the arena can further boost the energy on game days.

Impact on the Local Community

Beyond just serving the Arizona Coyotes, Intuit Arena is expected to provide significant benefits for Tempe and surrounding communities. The arena will attract visitors, spur economic activity, and create jobs for the area.

Economic Boost

With a busy schedule of NHL games, concerts, and other events, Intuit Arena is projected to host over 150 occurrences annually. The influx of attendees at these happenings will bring valuable tourism dollars to local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and entertainment venues. Hockey fans and concertgoers from around the region will help drive economic growth for Tempe.

Jobs Created

Construction of the arena generated many temporary jobs, while operation of the venue will provide long-term employment. Intuit Arena is anticipated to require a workforce of over 1,000 including team/arena staff, concession workers, custodians, security personnel, stagehands, and more. The hiring will offer career opportunities spanning multiple fields.

Place for Entertainment

The arena finally gives the SE Valley a large-scale indoor venue to host touring concerts, family shows, and other entertainment. Music acts who previously skipped the Phoenix market for lack of a suitable venue now have incentive to schedule Tempe shows. Diverse live events will provide a great new entertainment option for locals and visitors.

Notable Events and Moments

Groundbreaking and Construction

A formal groundbreaking ceremony held on June 7, 2022 marked the start of Intuit Arena’s construction. Team executives and Tempe officials were on hand along with construction crews as excavation began on the site. Heavy machinery quickly got to work shaping the 650,000 square foot venue. The impressive speed of the build will enable its completion in just over one year.

Inaugural Season

The arena’s doors are set to open in July 2023 just in time for the Arizona Coyotes’ 2022-23 NHL season. This inaugural campaign at their spectacular new home venue will be momentous for the franchise. They are expected to host a Fan Fest event prior to the season for supporters to tour Intuit Arena and get hyped for the upcoming games. The atmosphere should be electric when the Coyotes take the ice for their first regular season affair.

Prospective Concerts and Performances

While its primary tenant will be the NHL’s Coyotes, Intuit Arena has already announced some major concert bookings. Pop superstar Taylor Swift will perform the venue’s first non-hockey event shortly after its opening. Many other top artists are likely to plan future tour stops at the modern arena conveniently located between Phoenix and Tucson. Family shows like Disney on Ice and Harlem Globetrotters appear headed to Intuit as well.

The Future of Intuit Arena

Solidifying a Long-Term Home

After years of uncertainty, it seems the Coyotes have finally found a stable long-term home they control. Intuit Arena and its favorable revenue model should make Arizona more viable as an NHL market. The franchise recently negotiated a 30-year lease to play at the venue. Barring any unforeseen issues, Intuit Arena appears set to serve as the Coyotes’ rightful home for the foreseeable future.

Drawing More Fans

Arizona has struggled with attendance due to previous arena woes, ownership drama, and on-ice performance. Intuit Arena presents a fresh opportunity to draw bigger crowds and grow the Coyotes’ fanbase. Its Tempe location provides easier access to eastern Phoenix and Scottsdale residents. With an attractive facility and exciting atmosphere, they aim to regularly fill seats and build energy within the venue.

Potential for Growth

As the Coyotes settle into Intuit Arena, there is potential for the franchise to grow on many fronts. More consistent profits, additional corporate sponsors, surging merchandise sales, and a spike in youth hockey registration would all signify progress. Icing a better on-ice product would further galvanize fans. The venue also enables Arizona State’s successful club hockey program to take the next step to full NCAA Division I status if they choose to pursue it.


The sparkling new Intuit Arena in Tempe represents a tremendous development for the Arizona Coyotes franchise as they unveil their long-awaited modern home. Purpose-built for hockey with premium fan amenities, Intuit Arena should revitalize the live experience for loyal Coyotes supporters. The venue also enables more lucrative revenue streams that will bolster the team’s future in Arizona. Beyond just the Coyotes, Intuit Arena is sure to provide an economic boost for Tempe while also enhancing the local entertainment options. It could be the catalyst for bigger things ahead as the franchise aims to grow their brand and fanbase within their optimal new home.

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