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Adidas and Reebok Merger Story

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Adidas and Reebok: From Arch Rivals to Surprise Allies

Adidas and Reebok – two of the biggest athletic brands in the world. But their relationship has shifted and evolved in unexpected ways since their bitter rivalry days of the 1980s.

Let’s explore the hidden history between Adidas and Reebok from cutthroat competitors to eventual partners under the same ownership. A complicatedconnection lies beneath their iconic logos.

Chapter 1: 1980s Sneaker War

In the intense battle for market share in the 1980s, Adidas and Reebok emerged as hated foes.

Reebok exploded in popularity with signature shoes for athletes like Michael Jordan. Adidas struggled amidst leadership woes in Germany.

During this decade, Reebok surged ahead as the hot new American brand. They beat out Adidas and dominated sports like basketball and fitness. The tide had turned away from Adidas’ dominance.

But Reebok’s meteoric rise also came with ruthless mocking of struggling Adidas. Attack ads and PR stunts tried to demoralize their biggest threat. Competition got personal.

Chapter 2: Fortunes Reverse in 90s and 2000s

How the tables turned in the 1990s and 2000s as Reebok’s business stagnated while Adidas regained momentum.

Adidas found success with retro classics like the Superstar and Stan Smith. Reebok’s designs fell behind consumer tastes.

Now it was Reebok on the defensive as Adidas resurged, especially in key European and Asian markets. The shoe giants traded places as top dog in the industry.

During these decades, Adidas built technical innovations like Boost cushioning to widen the gap. Once enemies, their fortunes reversed in an unexpected twist.

Chapter 3: Arch Rivals Become Surprise Partners

Then in 2005, the most shocking move occurred – Adidas acquired Reebok for $3.8 billion.

The bitter 1980s rivals were now united under the same owner. Adidas vowed to revive Reebok’s lagging business in North America and learn from their strong women’s category.

Employees on both sides had to work collaboratively after intensely competitive histories. But synergies emerged between two icons.

While Reebok maintains its own brand identity, greater strategic alignment with Adidas emerged over time. Former enemies found themselves aligned.

Frenemies Forge an Unexpected Future

The Adidas acquisition of Reebok remains an intriguing case of fierce rivals joining forces.

Their public rivalry hid a more complicated history full of mutual respect. Bringing together their complementary strengths made strategic sense despite past animosity.

Sometimes your biggest competitors become your biggest collaborators. Through surprise partnerships, iconic brands write evolving stories.

Adidas and Reebok’s complicated past paved the way for an unexpected but fruitful future together. Rivalry doesn’t have to be forever.

Shop the Adidas and Reebok Alliance

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Adidas offers performance classics like Superstars and Stans plus new tech like Ultraboost. Reebok provides vintage favorites like Pumps and modern updates like Nano training shoes.

However you sport your style, you rep historic brands that turned competition into cooperation. Their icons now share space in your closet.

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