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Adidas Boston 11 vs Saucony Tempus

In the realm of running shoes, two names consistently stand out: Adidas and Saucony. These renowned brands have carved a niche for themselves by producing high-performance footwear that caters to a diverse range of runners, from casual joggers to seasoned athletes. Among their extensive lineups, the Adidas Boston 11 and Saucony Tempus have emerged as popular choices for daily training and long-distance runs.

Design and Aesthetics

Adidas Boston 11

The Adidas Boston 11 follows the legacy of its predecessors with a sleek and modern design. Adidas has maintained a focus on simplicity, combining a breathable mesh upper with strategically placed overlays for added support. The iconic three stripes on the sides not only contribute to the shoe’s structure but also enhance its aesthetic appeal. The Boston 11 is available in a variety of color options, catering to both neutral and bold preferences.

Saucony Tempus

Saucony Tempus takes a different approach with a more retro-inspired design. The shoe exudes a classic vibe with its suede and mesh upper, paying homage to Saucony’s heritage. The Saucony logo on the sides adds a touch of authenticity to the overall look. While the Tempus may not have the same sleekness as the Boston 11, it has its own unique charm that appeals to those who appreciate a blend of modern technology and vintage aesthetics.

Verdict: The choice between the two in terms of design largely depends on personal preference. If you prefer a modern and streamlined look, the Adidas Boston 11 might be more appealing. On the other hand, if you have a penchant for retro designs, the Saucony Tempus could be the right fit.

Comfort and Fit

Adidas Boston 11

Adidas is renowned for its commitment to comfort, and the Boston 11 lives up to that reputation. The shoe features a responsive Boost midsole that provides excellent energy return, making each stride feel dynamic. The mesh upper not only contributes to the shoe’s breathability but also offers a snug and adaptive fit. The padded collar and tongue enhance overall comfort, making the Boston 11 suitable for various distances, from short sprints to long-distance runs.

Saucony Tempus

Saucony Tempus prioritizes comfort through its well-cushioned midsole and a padded collar. The EVA midsole offers a plush feel, absorbing impact and providing a comfortable platform for your runs. The mesh and suede upper contribute to a comfortable fit, but some users may find the fit to be slightly roomier compared to the snug fit of the Adidas Boston 11.

Verdict: Both shoes offer a high level of comfort, but the choice depends on individual preferences. If you prioritize a snug fit with a responsive midsole, the Adidas Boston 11 might be the better option. If you prefer a more relaxed fit with ample cushioning, the Saucony Tempus could be a comfortable choice.


Adidas Boston 11

Adidas Boston 11 is designed with performance in mind. The Boost midsole technology provides a springy and responsive feel, ideal for runners looking for an energy-efficient ride. The Continental rubber outsole ensures excellent traction on various surfaces, adding to the shoe’s overall performance. The lightweight design of the Boston 11 makes it suitable for both tempo runs and races.

Saucony Tempus

While Saucony Tempus focuses on comfort, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The EVA midsole offers a good balance of cushioning and responsiveness, making it suitable for daily training. The rubber outsole provides decent traction, but it may not match the grip offered by the Continental rubber on the Adidas Boston 11. The Tempus is more geared towards runners who prioritize comfort during their training sessions.

Verdict: If you’re aiming for a shoe that excels in both comfort and performance, the Adidas Boston 11 is a strong contender. However, if your primary focus is on comfort during regular training runs, the Saucony Tempus is a reliable choice.


Adidas Boston 11

Adidas is known for producing durable running shoes, and the Boston 11 is no exception. The Continental rubber outsole is designed to withstand high levels of wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan for the shoe. The mesh upper is breathable yet robust, providing a good balance between comfort and durability. Runners can expect the Boston 11 to endure through many miles of training and racing.

Saucony Tempus

While the Saucony Tempus is a well-constructed shoe, it may not match the durability of the Adidas Boston 11. The suede and mesh upper, while comfortable, may show signs of wear more quickly, especially with regular use. The rubber outsole provides decent durability, but it may not withstand the same level of punishment as the Continental rubber on the Boston 11.

Verdict: If longevity is a top priority, the Adidas Boston 11 is likely to outlast the Saucony Tempus. However, if you rotate your shoes and prioritize comfort over extended lifespan, the Tempus can still be a reliable option.


Adidas Boston 11

Adidas running shoes, particularly those featuring advanced technologies like Boost midsole and Continental rubber, often come with a higher price tag. The Boston 11 is positioned in the mid-to-high price range, reflecting its performance-oriented design and durable construction.

Saucony Tempus

Saucony typically offers a more budget-friendly option compared to some premium brands. The Saucony Tempus falls into a more affordable price range, making it an attractive choice for runners looking for a reliable shoe without breaking the bank.

Verdict: The choice between the two in terms of price depends on your budget and what you prioritize in a running shoe. If you’re willing to invest in advanced technologies and premium materials, the Adidas Boston 11 is worth the higher price. However, if you’re looking for a solid performer at a more affordable price, the Saucony Tempus offers excellent value for money.


In the Adidas Boston 11 vs Saucony Tempus comparison, both shoes have their strengths and cater to different preferences. The Adidas Boston 11 excels in performance, providing a responsive ride, excellent traction, and durability. It comes at a higher price point but justifies the cost with its advanced technologies.

On the other hand, the Saucony Tempus focuses on comfort without compromising on performance. It has a more budget-friendly price, making it an attractive option for runners prioritizing affordability and cushioning.

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to your specific needs and preferences. If you’re a performance-oriented runner who values responsiveness and durability, the Adidas Boston 11 is a solid investment. If comfort and affordability are your primary considerations, the Saucony Tempus provides a reliable option for your daily training runs.

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