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In today’s challenging economic climate, financial security is more important than ever. However, many individuals and small businesses struggle to manage their finances in a way that sets them up for stability and success. This is where collaboration between innovative companies can make a real difference.


Intuit, the technology company behind popular financial tools like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on multiple initiatives aimed at empowering people financially. By combining Intuit’s expertise in AI-driven financial solutions with AWS’s secure, scalable cloud platform, the two companies are expanding access to digital financial tools and resources.


This article will explore key ways that these companies are working together to champion financial empowerment. We’ll look at their strategic partnership, joint advocacy efforts, and shared vision to democratize financial solutions through technology. With open banking, personalized insights, and inclusive product design, these companies are striving to put financial power directly in the hands of consumers and businesses.


Forming a Strategic Collaboration

The both companies announced a multi-year strategic collaboration in 2020 to accelerate Intuit’s move to the cloud and jointly work on new solutions focused on financial empowerment. This agreement brought together Intuit’s decades of experience in AI-driven financial apps with AWS’s leadership in on-demand cloud computing services.


Under this partnership, Intuit aims to migrate the vast majority of its solutions to AWS’s secure, resilient global infrastructure. This migration will allow Intuit to scale more quickly to meet growing customer needs. Hosting workloads on AWS will provide Intuit’s developers and engineers with proven cloud architecture and tools to rapidly build new features and products.


Additionally, the two companies are undertaking joint projects applying emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, and security to promote financial empowerment worldwide. Intuit brings deep understanding of customers’ financial needs and challenges, while the other one contributes technological expertise around leveraging data analytics and cloud capabilities.


Through tightly aligning their technical and business strategies, they aim to accelerate digital transformation for consumers and small businesses seeking to get their financial houses in order. Their shared mission is to put intelligent, highly personalized financial tools into more people’s hands.


Advocating for Consumer-Centered Finance

Importantly, their collaboration also has a strong advocacy component focused on championing open banking standards and consumer protection.


As part of their agreement, they co-authored a whitepaper outlining best practices for third-party data access and sharing under open banking. Open banking gives consumers and small businesses more control over their financial data, allowing it to be safely shared with authorized providers offering additional services and insights.


They believe adhering to global data sharing standards and prioritizing consent will build consumer trust in emerging open banking models. Their whitepaper provides guidance to organizations on implementing secure data permissions frameworks, communicating transparently with users, and avoiding excessive data collection.


The companies are also working closely with policymakers to advocate for regulations that balance innovation and consumer rights. As technological disruption continues reshaping the financial sector, they both aim to ensure updated rules sufficiently safeguard consumers while enabling progress. This means advocating for individuals’ right to access and share their personal financial data to obtain valuable services that can build their financial resilience.


At the same time, Intuit does extensive consumer research to continuously improve its products from the customer’s viewpoint. The company recognizes different groups have different needs and challenges that must shape how technology advances financial empowerment. AWS’s cloud infrastructure will support this customer obsession by enabling rapid prototyping and iteration using data insights.


Democratizing Financial Solutions

At it core, the strategic alliance between Intuit and AWS is about developing innovations that make high-quality financial tools accessible to all who need them. A few key focus areas exemplify this shared mission to democratize financial solutions:


AI-Driven Insights – Together, Intuit and AWS aim to build AI/ML capabilities that provide tailored financial insights and guidance to customers. For example, Mint’s personalized budgeting and investment recommendations help consumers optimize spending, saving, and credit. QuickBooks Cash Flow Planner leverages AI to predict cash shortfalls and surpluses for small businesses up to 60 days out. More intelligent, predictive features are in the works.


Digital Ecosystems – Moving to AWS allows Intuit to more seamlessly integrate its solutions into “connected experiences.” For instance, QuickBooks Payroll paired with QuickBooks Tax e-filing saves time on payroll taxes. Bringing solutions together with AWS tools like Managed Document Storage streamlines financial workflows.


Inclusive Design – Intuit continuously seeks input from low-income, underserved groups to ensure products meet all customers’ needs. AWS’s human-centered design practices help Intuit build empathy through processes like diverse user panels and interviews. Ongoing research is key to making solutions accessible.


Data Security – Security is embedded throughout the Intuit-AWS partnership. AWS infrastructure already handles highly sensitive financial information, while Intuit has experience securing customers’ sensitive tax and accounting data. Together they are implementing industry-leading identity, access, and encryption controls protecting data.


Open Banking Enablement – Intuit and AWS want to empower customers to leverage open banking, allowing the secure exchange of their information with authorized third parties. QuickBooks Online Advanced Direct Connect enables small businesses to seamlessly connect accounts to financial apps and services, taking advantage of open banking.


Looking Ahead

Ultimately, the collaboration between Intuit and AWS has immense potential to accelerate innovation in the name of social good. By combining AWS’s adaptable, secure cloud technology with Intuit’s customer focus and financial expertise, the two companies are strongly positioned to advance financial empowerment worldwide.


Their commitment to open banking, consumer advocacy, and inclusive product design underpins technological progress with shared values. Ongoing Intuit research paired with AWS engineering and analytics excellence will lead to novel capabilities benefiting consumers and small businesses.


With people facing more financial instability than ever amid recent macroeconomic uncertainty, the need for digital tools enabling better money management and planning is pronounced. By delivering intuitive, personalized solutions through strategic alignment, Intuit and AWS are giving customers capabilities to strengthen their financial resilience.


Through this partnership built on both business growth and social impact, Intuit and AWS are poised to champion financial empowerment globally for years to come. Their journey has only just begun.



Intuit and AWS’s multi-faceted, forward-looking collaboration combines technical strengths with a joint mission to empower people financially through innovation. By migrating Intuit’s solutions to the secure AWS cloud, integrating AI/ML advancements, advocating for consumer-centric open banking, and continuously researching diverse customer needs, the two companies aim to democratize access to tools for money management, taxes, accounting, and more. This strategic alliance leverages each organization’s unique capabilities and expertise to develop inclusive solutions helping individuals and businesses gain financial clarity, confidence, and control. Moving ahead, Intuit and AWS’s tightly aligned partnership is sure to spark advancements that expand consumers’ financial opportunity.

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