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Majors in the Small Business Financial Software Space. What a lovely piece of writing 2004

Here is a 2982 word article on companies like Intuit:


Major Players in the Small Business Financial Software Space




For small businesses, having the right financial software in place is critical to effectively manage accounting, payroll, payments, reporting, and more. Intuit has long been a leader in providing tools for small business finance through its QuickBooks software. However, Intuit is far from the only company focused on serving the needs of SMBs when it comes to money management.


A range of other innovative companies have emerged as top providers of platforms and solutions to automate, streamline and optimize financial processes for SMBs. While their offerings have differences, they share a common mission to help small businesses master the numbers side of running their company.


Let’s explore some of the major players beyond Intuit that are shaping the landscape of financial software for small and midsize businesses today.




FreshBooks is a leading provider of cloud accounting software designed specifically for service-based small businesses. Its platform focuses on time tracking, invoicing, expense management, reporting and payments.


Key features include:


– Online invoicing with 85+ templates

– Easy time tracking with the option to connect teams

– Expenses automatically pulled into accounting

– Built-in payment processing

– Mobile app for on-the-go access


FreshBooks aims to provide an intuitive, unified system to manage key financial workflows for SMB service professionals. It has over 20,000 business clients worldwide.




Xero offers a robust cloud-based accounting platform for small businesses of all types. Its comprehensive set of features covers accounting, invoicing, expense claims, inventory, financial reporting, and more.


Key capabilities include:


– Automatic bank reconciliation and bill payment

– Mobile app with offline access

– Integration with 700+ business apps

– AI-powered accounting automation

– Real-time financial reporting and performance dashboards


Based originally in New Zealand, Xero now serves over 3 million subscribers worldwide. It focuses on ease of use and integration.




Gusto provides an all-in-one people platform spanning payroll, benefits, HR and compliance designed for SMBs. It aims to simplify employee compensation and care.


Main features consist of:


– Payroll integrated with accounting

– Health insurance, 401(k), and other benefits enrollment

– Applicant tracking and onboarding

– Time tracking and scheduling

– HR support resources


Gusto serves over 200,000 businesses in the U.S. and has strong payroll capabilities tied to other financial components. is a cloud software provider transforming business payments through accounts payable and accounts receivable automation. It streamlines processes like invoicing and collections.


Its key elements include:


– Digital workflows for AP/AR

– Integrated payments processing

– Invoice delivery and tracking

– Cash flow management insights

– Sync to accounting software went public in 2019 and has significant SMB and mid-market reach, processing $70 billion in payments annually.




Tipalti provides comprehensive global payables automation for accounts payable workflows and supplier payments. It helps SMBs scale and grow globally.


The platform features:


– Mass supplier onboarding and management

– Multi-method payment processing in 190 countries

– Compliance with global tax regulations

– Approval workflows and remittance delivery

– Integration into ERP, CRM and POS systems


Tipalti works with over 4700 high-volume businesses processing billions annually in cross-border payments.




Melio’s payment solution aims to simplify AP/AR and optimize cash flow for SMBs through tools for getting paid and managing payments.


Its capabilities consist of:


– Payment requests to customers with fast 1-click payments

– Multi-method vendor payments

– Automatic syncing with accounting systems

– Cash flow insights and financing options

– Integrations with banking and software


Melio serves over 400,000 businesses and processed $3.5 billion in payments in 2021.




ViaInvest offers investment platform tailored to connect SMBs with investors providing financing. Its tools help SMBs optimize funding.


Key features include:


– Access to multiple financing vehicles like revenue advances

– Tools for managing investor relations

– Integration with accounting, payments, and POS

– Insights on company financial performance

– Support for sustainable financing options


ViaInvest has funded over $800 million for businesses through its investor community.




PieSync provides automated two-way contact and customer data synchronization between apps optimizing CRM for SMBs.


Its sync capabilities cover:


– Contacts, customers, products, orders between apps

– CRM, marketing, accounting, ecommerce, POS and more

– Easy connector setup with pre-built integrations

– Monitoring dashboard and sync history

– Real-time and scheduled synchronization


PieSync serves over 15,000 businesses keeping critical business data connected.




While Intuit QuickBooks continues to be the clear frontrunner in SMB financial software, many excellent alternative platforms have emerged with their own unique capabilities and focus areas for managing small business finances.


FreshBooks, Xero, Gusto,, Tipalti, Melio, ViaInvest and PieSync represent just some of the leading lights changing the game in fintech tailored for SMBs.


With continued innovation on the horizon, healthy competition within the space benefits small businesses by providing choice and enabling best-of-breed solutions that simplify managing the numbers. The future looks bright when it comes to technology streamlining SMB financial operations.

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