Examining the Ownership Structure and Investors Behind Intuit. Let’s uncover the secret behind the greatness 1979

Examining the Ownership Structure and Investors Behind Intuit




As a major provider of financial and tax software for consumers and small businesses, Intuit has grown into a influential company since its early origins over 35 years ago. But who exactly owns and financially backs this technology firm that has become a common household name?


Exploring Intuit’s current ownership structure and major investors provides insight into the forces guiding its strategic direction as a publicly traded company accountable to shareholders. While no single entity has outright majority control, we can identify key parties with large stakes shaping Intuit’s trajectory.


Let’s take a closer look at who holds significant ownership in Intuit today.


Public Shareholders


As a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the stock ticker INTU, the vast majority of Intuit’s ownership consists of public shareholders from a range of backgrounds investing through retirement funds, ETFs, managed accounts and directly.


With a total market capitalization approaching $140 billion as of February 2023, individual stakes are spread across Intuit’s approximately 275 million outstanding shares in the hands of institutional and retail investors. Being publicly owned means no single shareholder holds more than 50% of the company.


The Vanguard Group


One major institutional investor in Intuit is The Vanguard Group, which currently holds around 13.7 million shares representing 5% of total shares outstanding according to 2022 SEC filings. The Pennsylvania-based investment advisor and index fund manager is Intuit’s largest external shareholder.


As an essentially passive investor, Vanguard exerts no direct managerial control over Intuit. However, its sizable stake gives Vanguard some influential weight in matters like corporate governance. Index funds from Vanguard are among the most common ways individuals gain indirect exposure to owning a piece of Intuit.




Another prominent institutional investor is BlackRock, which owns about 12.1 million shares equating to a 4.4% stake in Intuit. The New York-based global investment management company has held shares in Intuit since as early as 2005.


As the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock’s major position influences Intuit somewhat through shareholder voting and engagement policies, but again, it does not confer overt managerial control over the company.


Price T. Rowe Associates


Price T. Rowe Associates, a Maryland-based investment advisory firm, currently holds around 11.6 million shares constituting a 4.2% stake in Intuit. It represents one of the longest-standing institutional investors in the company with shares dating back to before Intuit’s IPO.


As an active manager, Price T. Rowe may engage more directly with the company than passive index fund shareholders. But its minority stake means limited power over decision-making.


Executives and Directors


Intuit insiders also hold a portion of the company’s stock. As of 2022, Intuit directors and executive officers collectively held around 1.2% of outstanding shares.


CEO Sasan Goodarzi held over 46,000 shares worth over $25 million. While fractional compared to major institutional stakes, executive ownership helps align leaders with external shareholders.


Founder Scott Cook


Intuit founder Scott Cook owns just under 1% of the company’s shares, maintaining a position he’s held for decades. Cook’s stake offers him some ongoing influence over the direction of the company he started in 1983.


The pioneer of products like Quicken and QuickBooks, Cook continues to serve as chairman of Intuit’s Executive Committee and guides Intuit’s culture and social impact efforts.


Company Buybacks


Intuit itself is also effectively an owner of a portion of shares through repurchasing its own stock. Intuit buys back shares from the market from time to time with excess cash to reduce share count and increase investor value.


As of 2022, Intuit held around $700 million worth of its shares as treasury stock available for corporate purposes like offsetting dilution from employee stock grants. Share repurchases give Intuit some extra control over share count.


Key Takeaways:


In summary, the major ownership interests in Intuit consist of:


– Publicly traded shares widely spread across institutions and individuals

– The Vanguard Group as largest external shareholder at 5%

– BlackRock and Price T. Rowe Associates each around 4%

– Minor stakes held by insiders like the CEO and founder

– Company treasury stock from repurchases


While no single entity controls Intuit outright, several influential institutional voices like Vanguard and BlackRock can impact high-level decision making through shareholder voting and engagement. But ultimately, catering to broad public shareholders drives Intuit’s focus on building shareholder value through innovation, growth and financial performance.


This dispersed ownership structure provides both immense accountability and freedom for Intuit to chart its own course based on direct shareholder feedback. The company takes both individual and institutional investor interests to heart while pursuing its mission.




As a publicly owned firm, Intuit belongs not to any individual, founder or parent company but rather to its broad base of public shareholders. Major institutions like Vanguard and BlackRock hold significant but minority interests, keeping Intuit’s leadership focused on shareholder return.


Intuit’s accountable yet independent ownership model has served it well over nearly four decades, empowering the company to reinvent itself and maintain focus on customer-driven innovation. This has translated into robust returns benefitting shareholders of all types. Expect Intuit’s public ownership model to enable continued success into the future.

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