The Best Local Intuit Services Near You: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Local Intuit Services Near You: A Comprehensive Guide


Looking for Intuit services like TurboTax, QuickBooks, or Mint close to home? With locations across the United States, Intuit makes it easy to get the tax, accounting, and financial services you need nearby. Here are some tips for finding Intuit services and support in your area:


Search The Intuit Store Locator


The easiest way to find Intuit services near you is to use the company’s store locator at Just enter your zip code and the locator will display all nearby Intuit locations on a map. You can filter the results by service to see only QuickBooks locations, TurboTax offices, etc. The locator provides store hours, phone numbers, services offered, and other helpful information.


Many locations offer multiple Intuit services. For example, an Intuit store may provide tax preparation, accounting services, financial advising, and tech support all in one place. Use the store locator to find your closest one-stop Intuit shop.


Check For Intuit Partners And Proadvisors


In addition to company-owned locations, Intuit has partner sites and a network of ProAdvisors who offer services. Partners include major tax prep chains like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax. They offer Intuit’s TurboTax software filing during tax season.


For QuickBooks assistance and accounting services, search for Intuit ProAdvisors. These providers range from independent accountants to bookkeeping firms. Find ProAdvisors in your area by visiting


Ask About Mobile Tax Pro And Quickbooks Live


Can’t make it to an in-person location? Ask about Intuit’s on-demand virtual services. TurboTax Live connects you with CPAs and tax experts online for unlimited advice while filing your taxes. QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping similarly lets you chat one-on-one with accounting professionals.


Even if no official Intuit offices are nearby, their mobile pros may still be able to provide virtual assistance in your neighborhood. These on-demand services make Intuit’s expertise more conveniently accessible.


Consider Intuit Aid Assistants


For technical support and customer service, Intuit provides aid through virtual assistants. You can find TurboTax Aid Assistants at

 to help with DIY tax prep. QuickBooks also has virtual assistants to answer your accounting questions at


These knowledgeable Intuit employees provide service by phone, chat, email, and social media. So even without a physical location nearby, you can still receive personalized support. Save yourself a trip and consider contacting an Aid Assistant first when you need help.


Call The Customer Service Hotlines


Can’t find the specific Intuit answers you need nearby? Call their national customer service hotlines:


  1. TurboTax: 1-800-944-8596
  2. QuickBooks: 1-800-386-3003
  3. Mint: 1-866-218-2155


Explain your situation to the customer service agent. They can check for Intuit locations near you, connect you with a virtual assistant, or just answer your questions directly. With extended hours during tax season, the hotlines offer a convenient way to get Intuit support.


Check Community Colleges


Many community colleges and career schools offer classes in accounting, taxes, and financial services. Search for schools near you to look into Intuit certification courses. Local colleges that participate in Intuit’s University Program often provide special training in QuickBooks and TurboTax.


Taking classes can help polish your skills using Intuit’s software. Once certified, you may also qualify to become a ProAdvisor yourself. Contact nearby schools to learn about Intuit-focused educational programs in your area.


Attend Free Workshops And Seminars


Keep an eye out for free Intuit events in your city. They frequently host free TurboTax filing and QB training workshops. Intuit and their partners also hold local seminars and webinars on relevant financial topics. Their Tax Pro Talk series, for example, covers the latest changes to the tax code.


Checking Intuit’s event calendar or following local Intuit offices on social media can alert you to workshops in your neighborhood. These free classes allow you to get quality Intuit instruction near home.


Connect At Regional Conferences


Does your area host any major conferences for accountants, tax professionals, or small businesses? Intuit often has a presence at major regional events. They may offer training sessions or booths to provide information.


Look for QuickBooks Connect local events and ProConnect Tax events nearby. You could also check out your state society of CPAs or accounting association meetings. These large conferences give you access to Intuit experts while connecting with professionals in your region.


Get Mobile Support In-Person


If you need hands-on assistance away from home, Intuit has a program that dispatches Tech Helpers to your location. Available in select metro areas, they can provide setup help, troubleshooting, and training on Intuit products at your office or residence.


Visits currently start at $200 for a two-hour QuickBooks session. TurboTax also offers the TurboTax Live mobile CPA option for tax filers wanting in-person expert review. Check their sites to see if mobile tech assistance is available in your neighborhood.


Finding Intuit support and services near you is easy with the company’s locator tools, mobile capabilities, and widely available products. Partner locations, local professionals, colleges, conferences, and workshops can also connect you with Intuit. Reach out in person or virtually to get the tax, accounting, and financial expertise you need nearby.

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