Tony Yayo Talks 50 Cent, Eminem Feuds & More in His Wildest Drink Champs Interview Yet

The legendary Tony Yayo recently appeared as a guest on N.O.R.E and DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs” podcast. As usual, Yayo did not hold back, engaging in his most outrageous interview in years.

He addressed long-standing issues with 50 Cent, Eminem, and Jimmy Iovine. Yayo also shared wild stories from his early music career days – everything from kidnapping to shooting reality shows.

Let’s recap the most eye-opening revelations from Tony Yayo’s unrestrained “Drink Champs” conversation.

Chapter 1: Beef Origins With 50 Cent and Eminem

First, Tony Yayo clarified the origins of his feuds with 50 Cent and Eminem:

  • On 50, he feels financial disputes were exaggerated but communication broke down. Yayo was promised a VP position in G-Unit that never materialized.
  • With Eminem, Yayo believes Jimmy Iovine pitted them against each other. But he now understands Em’s perspective better.
  • Overall, Yayo attributes issues to being young, hot-headed, and greedy. He now values what they accomplished together.

While the tensions were serious at the time, Yayo seems to have made peace looking back.

Chapter 2: The Infamous Jimmy Iovine Incident

One infamous story Yayo told involves an altercation with Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine:

  • Yayo resented Iovine underpaying and mistreating him.
  • When they ran into each other at a nightclub, Yayo confronted Iovine and places his hand around his neck in anger.
  • The incident caused more rifts with Eminem’s camp but Yayo stands by his actions: “I’d do it again!”

Leave it to Tony Yayo to have zero regrets about putting hands on one of music’s most powerful executives.

Chapter 3: Kidnapping and Ending Lil Zane’s Career

Tony Yayo Rates Eminem's Bars and Critics 50 Cent's Verse | Eminem.Pro -  the biggest and most trusted source of Eminem

Along with the controversies, Tony Yayo shared wild tales from the G-Unit era:

  • Yayo claims he kidnapped rapper Lil Zane over a financial dispute, driving recklessly before Zane agreed to pay up.
  • He also believes he ended Zane’s career by refusing to remove a G-Unit diss track. “I killed his f****** career!”
  • Yayo has no qualms telling these stories now, citing G-Unit’s ability to end careers if they felt disrespected.

Only Tony Yayo could share a story about kidnapping a rapper and show no remorse. But that ruthless mentality defined G-Unit’s uncompromising approach.

Chapter 4: Reality Show Gone Wrong

Finally, the most ridiculous story involved 50 Cent and Tony Yayo losing their minds filming a reality show:

  • Yayo explains how 50 grew frustrated with fake scenarios and scripts.
  • Eventually, 50 and Yayo started destroying the set and wrecking luxury cars used as props.
  • The two disappeared for days before agreeing to pay damages to end their reality TV career.

Again, Yayo tells these tales proudly exemplifying his refusal to be compromised or controlled.

Vintage Tony Yayo Stories

Only Tony Yayo can make kidnapping rappers and destroying reality sets seem humorous rather than criminal. His “Drink Champs” interview was a reminder of Yayo’s wildcard personality.

He gave zero apologies. As Yayo put it, he aims to entertain but also inspire artists to avoid being taken advantage of.

The unfiltered interview provided incredible insight into one of hip-hop’s most unapologetic icons. Vintage Tony Yayo – outrageous, shocking, always memorable.

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