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Top Personal Finance Apps Providing Money Management Like Mint 108

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Top Personal Finance Apps Providing Money Management Like Mint




In the world of personal finance technology, Intuit Mint has long been one of the most popular and widely-used money management apps. With capabilities like centralized access to financial accounts, budget tracking, bill pay, credit monitoring and more, Mint aims to provide robust money management tools for consumers.


However, Mint is far from the only digital solution helping individuals and households organize finances, control spending, save money and reach financial goals. A wide range of apps with similar features to Mint exist to suit different consumer needs and preferences.


Let’s explore some of the top personal finance apps on the market today that offer Mint-like money management capabilities to provide value to users.




You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a leading personal and household budgeting app that, like Mint, allows users to link bank accounts and get a holistic view of spending. However, YNAB places more emphasis on active, manual budget creation.


Key features include:


– Manual envelope budgeting methods

– Goal setting and tracking

– Spending reports and graphs

– Bank synching and transactions

– Budget forecasting assistance


YNAB’s interactive approach to building financial awareness through budgeting makes it popular, especially for those needing to get spending under control. The app has over 300,000 active users.


Personal Capital


Personal Capital focuses on money management through enhanced investment tracking and net worth monitoring. It provides detailed views of asset allocation and performance.


Key capabilities consist of:


– Aggregated investment portfolio dashboard

– Retirement and fee analyzers

– Financial tracking and reporting

– Alerts on account changes

– Free financial planning guidance


With over 3 million users, Personal Capital appeals to investors looking to take a more hands-on role managing their finances and investments.




Digit aims to help consumers save money automatically through AI-powered analysis of income and spending patterns. It effortlessly builds savings over time.


It offers:


– Automated savings deposits and withdrawals

– Saving for specific goals like emergencies or vacations

– Overdraft protection through linked accounts

– Round up purchases and deposit spare change

– Paid subscription for higher savings rate


By making saving effortless, Digit creates positive financial outcomes gradually. The app claims to have helped users save over $3 billion.




Goodbudget provides a digital, shareable version of the tried-and-true envelope budgeting system. It enables couples or families to allocate flexible spending across different priorities.


Key aspects include:


– Virtual “envelope” accounts for categories

– Shared budgets with family across devices

– In-app messaging and notes

– Fingerprint login for security

– Synching with bank accounts


With a 4.8-star rating, Goodbudget makes budgeting collaborative – an appealing aspect for households.


Clarity Money


Clarity Money empowers users to reduce debt, increase savings and better manage finances by cancelling unwanted subscriptions and monitoring credit.


Its main features consist of:


– Bill negotiation and cancellation

– Debt payoff strategies

– Credit score and loan tracking

– Spending insights and budget creation

– Automatic account savings


Acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2018, Clarity Money aims to build financial literacy with a practical approach. It has saved users over $1 billion in fees and interest.




FutureAdvisor focuses specifically on investing through its digital advisor and investment management services. It offers portfolio oversight resembling a robo-advisor.


Key capabilities include:


– Investment recommendations and asset allocation evaluation

– Automated rebalancing and tax loss harvesting

– Low-cost investment account options

– Access to certified financial planners

– Ongoing portfolio monitoring and alerts


Now owned by BlackRock, FutureAdvisor helps consumers optimize investing as part of money management. It has over $1 billion in assets under management.


Credit Karma


While best known as a credit monitoring app, Credit Karma also provides tools for taxes, savings accounts, financial insights and more to manage finances holistically.


It offers:


– Free credit scores, reports and monitoring

– Credit card and loan recommendations

– Tax filing at no cost

– Savings accounts with higher interest rates

– Ongoing access to credit education


Credit Karma has over 130 million members taking advantage of both free credit scores and broader financial services.




Albert describes itself as an intelligent financial sidekick, using AI to provide personalized insights and automation that improve money habits. It aims to learn a user’s finances overtime.


Key features consist of:


– Automated budget creation

– Bill reminders and payment

– Savings and investment analysis

– Spend tracking and adjustments

– Credit monitoring and loan health


Albert claims its AI can save the average user $400+ per month. The app has raised over $73 million in funding.




While Mint deservedly maintains widespread popularity, it now faces healthy competition from a diverse array of apps leveraging automation, AI, social collaboration and more to provide robust yet personalized money management capabilities to consumers.


YNAB, Personal Capital, Digit, Goodbudget, Clarity Money, FutureAdvisor, Credit Karma and Albert represent just a sample of the top-rated apps available to help individuals and households gain financial awareness, control spending, reduce debt, save, invest, monitor credit and reach money goals.


With so many options catering to different needs, consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to intelligent, Mint-like money tools to take control of their finances digitally. Competition and innovation ultimately benefit users across this expanding fintech landscape.


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