Who is Young Dro’s Brother?


Young Dro is a successful rapper, songwriter and record producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He rose to fame in 2006 with his hit single “Shoulder Lean” and has gone on to release several popular studio albums. Young Dro often references his younger brother in lyrics, who seems to be an important figure in his life. However, Dro keeps his personal and family life very private. So who exactly is Young Dro’s mysterious brother? This article will explore everything known about the rapper’s brother, their relationship, and his own life outside the spotlight.

Table of Contents
– Introduction
– Background on Young Dro’s Brother
– Relationship Between the Siblings
– Young Dro’s Brother’s Lifestyle and Interests
– Young Dro’s Lyrics About His Brother
– Conclusion

Background on Young Dro’s Brother

Young Dro’s brother is named Michael Wilbourn. Very little confirmed information is known about Michael as he has intentionally avoided publicity and kept his life private. However, we can piece together some basic details:

– He is approximately 3-4 years younger than Young Dro.
– Michael grew up with Dro in their hometown of Bankhead, Atlanta.
– Professionally, he is not involved in rapping/music like his brother.
– He continues to reside in Atlanta and has a family of his own now.
– His age and birthday are not public knowledge.
– Michael has shunned social media and interviews to live anonymously.

Apart from these sparse details, Michael Wilbourn stays out of the spotlight and remains an extremely mysterious figure to the public eye. He is only known through occasional references by his famous brother Young Dro.

Relationship Between the Siblings

Despite their very different lifestyles, Young Dro seems to have a solid relationship with his lesser-known younger brother. The siblings have been photographed together at concerts and events in Atlanta over the years. Michael has attended some of Dro’s album releases and shows, indicating he supports his brother’s success.

In interviews, Dro has only spoken positively about his brother Michael. He says he looks out for him and wants to see him thrive in life outside of his own fame. The lyrics in Dro’s songs also suggest he is in regular contact with his brother and views him as trusted confidant.

The music video for Young Dro’s track “Errrbody” features Michael hanging out with Dro in their old neighborhood. This gives fans a glimpse into their real-life dynamic as close siblings.

Young Dro’s Brother’s Lifestyle and Interests

Since Michael Wilbourn has avoided interviews and revealing social media, very little is concretely known about how he spends his time. However, some of Young Dro’s lyrics hint at his brother’s interests and lifestyle choices:

– He appears focused on business ventures and hustles outside of the rap game. Dro’s lyrics suggest he admires his brother’s entrepreneurial spirit and ideas.
– Michael seems interested in fashion, often photographed in designer clothes akin to Dro’s style.
– He values family time and has started his own family, according to Dro.
– Michael likes luxury cars and accessories, much like his sibling.
– He leads a more low-key lifestyle compared to Young Dro’s party persona.
– Privacy seems to be a priority for him versus seeking fame.

Though his exact hobbies, job and family status are unclear since he shuns publicity, Michael Wilbourn appears to be carving out a fulfilling life running his own businesses and raising kids in Atlanta.

Young Dro’s Lyrics About His Brother

Since Michael is notoriously private, Young Dro’s lyrics offer rare insight into their bond and who Michael is as a person. Here are some of Dro’s bars that reference his brother:

“My brother called me, he ain’t called me in so long / He telling me ‘Dro, keep your head up, you going home.’” (“My Brother”)

“I gotta let my brother know I love him, I’m so proud of him / He got a job and I seen him with his kids.” (“Problems”)

“I remember we was youngins’ posted on the curb / Now my brother got his own, he don’t need to work.” (“Hustle”)

“I gotta make sure my brother straight, give him some papers so he can put it in his safe / He came up with a master plan, he a genius.” (“Errrbody Remix”)

These selected lyrics demonstrate Young Dro’s respect for his brother’s success on his own terms and offer a rare glimpse into the impact Michael has had on the rapper’s life.


In summary, Young Dro’s younger brother Michael Wilbourn has deliberately avoided fame and remains an extremely private figure. However, Dro’s lyrics and comments indicate the siblings have a solid relationship built on mutual admiration and support. Michael seems focused on business ventures and raising a family in their hometown Atlanta. He values his privacy highly unlike his rap star brother. The precise details of Michael’s life may never be public knowledge as he shuns the spotlight, but he clearly has had a positive influence on Young Dro. The brotherly bond endures despite their very different lifestyles and levels of fame.

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