Adidas vs Converse shoes for price comparison


When looking for iconic shoes without breaking the bank, price matters. Both Adidas and Converse make classic kicks, but which brand offers better value for money?

Adidas focuses on premium performance tech and materials. Converse channels old-school simplicity. This comprehensive breakdown will compare Adidas and Converse shoes across all the key pricing factors so you can decide which sneaker legend fits your budget best.

After getting the insider’s perspective, you’ll be able to save confidently on your next sneaker pickup. Let’s analyze how budget-friendly Adidas and Converse shoes stack up:

Brand Histories and Pricing Strategies

First, let’s examine the origins and ethos behind each brand:

Adidas History and Pricing

Adidas was founded in Germany in 1949, making cutting-edge athletic performance shoes before expanding into lifestyle fashion. Their pricing reflects premium technologies and contemporary styling details.

Converse History and Pricing

Converse started producing affordable vulcanized sneakers back in 1908 in the U.S. Their iconic classics adopted by generations retain wallet-friendly pricing with straightforward vintage constructions.

Comparing Pricing Across Flagship Sneaker Models

Here is how the pricing shakes out across some of each brand’s most iconic models:

Adidas Superstar – Retails $80-$100 for premium leather and sport heritage.

Adidas Ultra Boost – Retails over $180 for advanced performance tech like Boost foam.

Adidas NMD_R1 – Retails around $130 for stylish lifestyle model with Boost sole.

Converse Chuck Taylor – Retails just $55 for classic canvas construction.

Converse One Star – Retails under $65 for simple suede/canvas build.

Converse Jack Purcell – Retails around $75 for leather accents and signature smile logo.

The Verdict: Converse dominates for accessibility with classics under $80. But Adidas offers more tech detailing at expected premium prices.

Comparing Material Quality and Construction

Pricing must align with material and build quality. Here is how the brands compare:

Adidas Material and Construction Quality

Premium technical fabrics, full-grain leathers, Boost midsoles and ContinentalTM rubber outsoles justify higher production costs.

Converse Material and Construction Quality

Simple canvas and rubber keeps costs low but lacks performance technologies or premium materials found in pricier brands.

The Verdict: You get what you pay for. Adidas quality aligns with higher prices while Converse keeps costs minimal.


After weighing all the factors, choosing your price point comes down to priorities:

If getting innovative performance tech and modern styling appeals despite premium pricing, go with Adidas.

But if keeping costs low for vintage retro simplicity and timeless constructions matter more, choose Converse.

For many shoppers, owning both classics makes sense. Adidas for active days and Converse for casual weekends.

But choosing the brand that best aligns with your budget will assure iconic style without overspending. Your next affordable kick awaits!

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