Young Dro and Teresa Creecy


Young Dro and Teresa Creecy: A Hip Hop Love Story


Young Dro and Teresa Creecy were a hip hop power couple in the 2000s. Their relationship was passionate but also turbulent, characterized by legal issues and rumors of infidelity. Despite the challenges, Young Dro and Teresa stayed together for several years and have a daughter named De’Joriah. Their story provides insight into hip hop relationships and the unique pressures faced by celebrities.

Background on Young Dro

– Born D’Juan Hart in 1979 in Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia
– Rose to fame in 2006 with hit single “Shoulder Lean
– Signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records
– Known for slick Southern style and inventing “jerkin’” dance craze
– Has released 5 studio albums and several mixtapes
– Had radio hits like “We in da City,” and “Freeze Me
– Considered an influential figure in Atlanta hip hop scene

Background on Teresa Creecy

– Grew up in Athens, Georgia
– Met Young Dro in 2006 after he gained success
– Worked as a real estate agent while dating Young Dro
– Had daughter De’Joriah with Young Dro in 2007
– Stayed together with Young Dro for 5 years despite challenges
– Left the relationship in 2012, citing Young Dro’s infidelity
– Works as entrepreneur and businesswoman currently

The Early Years of Their Relationship

Young Dro and Teresa Creecy met in 2006 when his song “Shoulder Lean” blew up. Their relationship started off full of passion, with Teresa supporting Dro’s rising music career. They had a daughter named De’Joriah in 2007, showing their commitment to each other early on.

In 2007, Young Dro was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and interference with government property. The charges stemmed from a fight he had with Teresa at their home. Teresa claimed Dro had threatened her with a pistol and vandalized her car.

The situation pointed to volatility in their relationship. However, Teresa stood by Dro and the charges were later dropped. The incident showcased Teresa’s loyalty even in the face of legal troubles.

Challenges and Rumors

Over the next few years, Young Dro and Teresa’s relationship was plagued by rumors of cheating and infidelity.

In 2008, a woman named Mellisa alleged she was pregnant by Young Dro, starting rumors he had been unfaithful. Young Dro denied the allegations and stated firmly he was committed to Teresa and their family.

In 2011, video vixen transported entertainment rumors after claiming she hooked up with Young Dro and that he was not serious about Teresa. Once again, Young Dro insisted the rumors were false.

Despite the challenges, Teresa stayed with Dro, showing her desire to maintain their relationship. The repeated rumors point to the difficulties of dating as a hip hop celebrity, with external forces constantly testing the relationship.

Legal Problems Continue

In 2011, Young Dro found himself in legal trouble again, this time arrested on charges of reckless conduct, marijuana possession, and violation of probation. Police reports indicated Teresa was driving with a suspended license, leading to the charges.

Teresa again supported Dro through the legal process. Dro served a brief jail sentence before releasing his album Polyester the Saint in 2012.

The arrests underscored the stresses fame brought to their relationship. However, they chose to face the challenges together rather than split up.

The End of the Relationship

After almost 6 years together, Teresa Creecy finally ended her relationship with Young Dro in 2012. Though she had stuck by him through rumors and legal issues, she cited Dro’s infidelity as the final straw.

Photos leaked of Dro with several women in questionable circumstances over the course of 2012. Teresa could no longer reconcile Dro’s activities with the image of family man he promoted.

Teresa began posting subliminal messages on social media about cheating men. She eventually confirmed she was no longer with Dro and focused her energy on raising their daughter.

Despite the ugly end, Teresa stated she didn’t regret the relationship. It had given her daughter De’Joriah, who was the light of her life. But she had enough of Dro’s disloyalty.

Co-Parenting De’Joriah After the Split

Once their relationship ended, Young Dro and Teresa Creecy had to learn to co-parent daughter De’Joriah. They agreed to shared custody, with De’Joriah splitting time between their homes.

Dro has posted loving photos of him and De’Joriah on social media over the years. He makes an effort to be an involved father despite his busy career.

Teresa seems satisfied with their co-parenting relationship currently. She occasionally posts about Dri taking De’Joriah or spending time with the both of them.

Their split was contentious, but Young Dro and Teresa appear cordial in their interactions now for De’Joriah’s sake. They’ve both prioritized her wellbeing following the breakup.

Where Are They Now?

Young Dro remains an active rapper, dropping his album High Times in 2021. He continues to achieve success as an innovator in Southern trap music.

Teresa Creecy has become an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She runs various companies focused on trucking, credit improvement, and financial services.

Teresa is also a public speaker, using her life experiences to motivate and inspire women facing relationship challenges. She aims to help them value themselves and move forward.

Though no longer a couple, both Teresa and Dro have grown in their personal and professional lives. Their passion and turbulence has given way to a friendship focused on their daughter.


The relationship between Young Dro and Teresa Creecy underscores the joys and pains of hip hop love. Their early passion gave way to rumors, legal issues, and infidelity. But they still created a life together in daughter De’Joriah.

Though rocky, their time together was a formative experience for both. It allowed Young Dro to develop as an artist and father. For Teresa, it sparked an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help other women.

Young Dro and Teresa Creecy’s story reveals the complexity of love in the limelight. Their bond made them who they are today.

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