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Young Dro Fathered a Child with Fantasia

Exploring Their Previous Relationship and Co-Parenting Status


In 2021, American Idol winner Fantasia made the surprise announcement that she had welcomed a baby boy named Keziah with rapper Young Dro. This revelation stunned fans who were unaware of any relationship between the two musicians.

Fantasia and Young Dro have been very private about the details of their past together and how they are co-parenting their son. This article will take a deep dive into everything known about their connection, including:

– Background on Fantasia and Young Dro’s music careers
– When and how they first met
– Details on their short-lived romantic relationship
– The pregnancy and birth of their child
– Both artists’ statements on co-parenting
– What they’ve said about each other as co-parents
– Social media posts hinting at their arrangement
– Public sightings of them together with their son
– How the birth affected each of their relationships
– Reactions and thoughts from fans
– What to expect going forward

Although unpredicted, Young Dro and Fantasia conceived a child together out of a fleeting relationship. Here is a look at how the two musicians are moving forward as co-parents.

Background on Fantasia and Young Dro

First, let’s establish some context on each artist and their respective careers in music:

Fantasia’s Background

– Born Fantasia Monique Barrino in High Point, North Carolina in 1984
– Rose to fame winning Season 3 of American Idol in 2004
– Has released 6 studio albums including 2006’s #1 debut “Free Yourself
– Known for R&B singles like “When I See U“, “Bittersweet” ” Without Me” with Kelly Rowland
– Starred as herself in Lifetime biopic “Life Is Not a Fairy Tale” in 2006
– Played Celie in Broadway musical “The Color Purple” in 2007
– Appeared in reality show “Fantasia For Real” from 2010 to 2011
– Coached on The Voice and performed Aretha Franklin tribute at the 2019 Grammys

Young Dro’s Background

– Born D’juan Hart in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia
– First signed to Grand Hustle Records by T.I. in 2004
– Breakthrough debut album “Best Thang Smokin‘” in 2006 included hit “Shoulder Lean”
– Second album “High Times” released in 2009
– Took a lengthy hiatus before reemerging with new music in 2022
– Known for early 2000s singles like “Rubberband Banks” and “Freeze Me”
– Considered a pioneer of melodic rap style before it was popular
– Has collaborated on tracks with T.I., 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane and more

Fantasia rose to fame on a TV talent competition while Dro organically built buzz on the Atlanta rap scene. Their musical styles could not be more different, which is why their relationship caught the public off guard.

Fantasia and Young Dro’s First Meeting

Fantasia and Young Dro’s paths first crossed because they ran in similar musical circles in Atlanta. They reportedly met sometime in 2015 through a mutual friend.

Being that they were both established artists in the city, they would occasionally attend the same industry events. It was in this setting they were introduced and got to know each other.

In a 2021 radio interview, Fantasia explained that she had heard of Dro through his music with T.I. and Grand Hustle. Dro was already familiar with Fantasia from her American Idol fame.

Their initial encounters were described as amicable – two fellow Atlanta musicians exchanging pleasantries and catching up when their paths intersected.

Brief Romantic Relationship

After meeting and becoming acquainted, Fantasia and Young Dro went on to have a short-lived romantic relationship.

They kept things very lowkey, which allowed the dating rumors to go undetected by fans and media. It’s believed they were only romantically involved for a matter of months in late 2015.

Neither has divulged many details on their time together. But Fantasia described Dro as being supportive during a period when she was going through personal struggles.

By early 2016, the rapper and R&B singer had amicably gone their separate ways. They agreed to remain friends first and foremost.

Fantasia’s Pregnancy and Baby Announcement

Unbeknownst to the public, Fantasia became pregnant with Young Dro’s child sometime in early 2016, conceiving after their breakup.

She opted to keep the pregnancy private throughout all 9 months. Fantasia safely delivered a healthy baby boy in December 2016.

Fans were shocked when out of nowhere, Fantasia announced the birth of her son Keziah on social media in December 2021 – a full 5 years later!

Her Instagram post included a photo of Young Dro with the caption:

> “Never hide the best parts of your story. His father and I couldn’t be happier.”

This was the first time the musicians had acknowledged Keziah was both of theirs. Fantasia further expressed gratitude:

> “God grace is sufficient and Keziah is worth it all.”

The world was finally introduced to the adorable child Fantasia had been raising out of the spotlight with Young Dro.

Statements on Co-Parenting Situation

Initially, Fantasia and Young Dro said little about the specifics of their co-parenting dynamic. But they offered some brief insights:

In an interview, Fantasia stated:

> “We’re doing the co-parenting thing well. He’s a great father and friend to me.”

She explained they keep the focus on providing Keziah love and everything he needs from both parents.

For his part, Young Dro said:

> “I got much respect for Fantasia as a mother. We maintaining a friendship and raising Keziah up right.”

He also requested privacy as they navigate parenting, indicating he preferred keeping the details between them.

So the key takeaway was that they had found a way to healthily co-parent baby Keziah despite no longer being romantically involved.

Social Media Hints at Relationship

While vague in interviews, Fantasia and Young Dro’s social media activity over the years has given some insight into their co-parenting dynamic.

A few telling posts:

– Dro wishing Fantasia a Happy Mother’s Day in 2017, before they’d confirmed Keziah was his
– Fantasia posting a photo of Dro playing with Keziah with a heart emoji caption in 2019
– Dro referring to Fantasia endearingly as “Tay Tay” in comments on her posts
– Fantasia posting a Father’s Day shout out to Dro in 2020
– Dro sharing photos of Keziah, including matching Father-Son Halloween costumes in 2021
– Both artists exchanging supportive comments on each other’s pages

These types of posts painted a picture of two dedicated co-parents sharing love and laughter over their son.

Public Sightings Together with Keziah

There have been a few instances of Young Dro and Fantasia being spotted together with Keziah in public:

– In 2019, a fan captured grainy video of them walking with a stroller in Atlanta
– They were photographed by paparazzi co-parenting at Keziah’s soccer game in late 2021
– Dro and Fantasia sat together with their son at a T.I. concert in Atlanta in 2022

These sightings provided proof they were indeed raising him cooperatively despite living separate lives.

Impact on Each Artist’s Relationships

Becoming unexpected co-parents had different impacts on each musician’s love lives:

– For Fantasia, Keziah’s birth sadly led to the end of her engagement in 2016
– She has said becoming a mother again refocused her priorities
– Fantasia appears currently single but devoted to her family and music career

– Young Dro once hinted at problems in a past relationship tied to hiding his son
– But he has never attached himself publicly to any one woman
– Dro seems to still embrace the bachelor lifestyle and does not discuss his personal relationships

Overall, Fantasia faced more overt relationship struggles after having Keziah. But Young Dro has also hinted at challenges.

Fan Reactions to the Surprise Baby News

When Fantasia first announced Keziah was Young Dro’s son in 2021, fans went into shocked overdrive:

– Many fans said they had no clue Dro and Fantasia ever dated
– Some supporters congratulated them on hiding the pregnancy so long
– Others felt deceived that Fantasia kept her son a secret for 5 whole years
– Many commented how cute Keziah was and offered words of support
– Some fans pitied Fantasia’s ex who believed he was Keziah’s father
– Others shamefully spread rumors that Keziah may not be Dro’s biologically
– But a majority ultimately sent blessings for Keziah being raised by loving parents

The overall fan consensus was one of surprise but appreciation for Fantasia’s transparency once she was ready.

What to Expect Going Forward

As of now, Fantasia and Young Dro seem content keeping their co-parenting relationship very low profile.

But they may slowly open up more about that side of their lives. Fans should expect:

– More photos of Dro bonding with his son Keziah
– PotentiallyFantasia opening up on co-parenting challenges
– The two amicably attending more of Keziah’s big events together
– Possibly even a photograph of the whole family unit
– Keziah possibly following his parents into music someday

Becoming co-parents has forever linked Fantasia and Young Dro beyond just music. Their main focus will remain providing Keziah the best childhood possible.


In the end, Fantasia and Young Dro appear to have taken an unexpected situation and handled it as gracefully as possible. They transformed a fleeting romantic connection into a lasting friendship and healthy co-parenting dynamic.

It was an arduous journey getting to a place of publicly acknowledging Keziah as theirs together. But now the child will grow up feeling secure in the love of both his superstar parents.

And that’s what matters most – that Keziah is happy and supported, regardless of how unorthodox his family beginnings were.

Both artists seem devoted to raising him the best they can while still pursuing their music passions. Despite coming from different worlds, Fantasia and Young Dro are forever bonded by their sweet son.

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