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Young Dro’s relationship with Joseline

Exploring the Rumored Relationship Between Young Dro and Joseline Hernandez


In the past few years, rumors have swirled about a relationship between rapper Young Dro and reality star Joseline Hernandez. The two have been spotted together and exchanged flirty social media posts hinting at a romance.

With both having a reputation for being tight-lipped about their personal lives, the extent of Dro and Joseline’s connection remains ambiguous. This article will take a deep dive into exploring their rumored relationship, including:

– Background on Young Dro and Joseline
– Origin of the relationship rumors
– Evidence of their interactions and bond
– Reconciliation after an apparent falling out
– Reaction and speculation from fans
– Where things currently stand between them
– Possibility that it was all publicity
– Each of their relationship histories
– Impact on their music careers
– What the future may hold for Young Dro and Joseline

While details remain scarce, there are plenty of signs pointing to an entanglement between the melodic ATL rapper and Puerto Rican princess. Here is a thorough look at the rumors surrounding Young Dro and Joseline Hernandez.

Background on Young Dro and Joseline

First, let’s establish some context on both artists linked romantically.

About Young Dro

– Born D’juan Hart in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979
– Southern rapper best known for hits like “Shoulder Lean” and “Freeze Me”
– One of the earliest artists signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records
– Released his debut album “Best Thang Smokin’” in 2006
– Popular mixtapes include “I Am Legend” and “Da Real Atlanta”
– Known for his melodic rap flow and detailed storytelling
– After a long hiatus, Dro returned with new music in 2022

About Joseline Hernandez

– Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1986 as Shenellica Bettencourt
– Gained fame as a cast member on VH1 reality shows with Stevie J
– Her fiery personality quickly made Joseline a popular reality villain
– Released her first rap/reggae album “I Am Joseline” in 2017
– Starred on her own reality shows “Joseline Takes Miami” and “Joseline’s Cabaret”
– Known for signature catchphrases like “puerto rican princess”
– Performed hits like “Church” and “Live Your Life” in revealing outfits
– Rumored to be working on new music in 2022

With their shared Atlanta ties and music industry experience, Young Dro and Joseline run in similar circles. This sets the stage for their rumored cross paths.

Origin of Relationship Rumors

In 2017, rumors of a relationship between Young Dro and Joseline began to spread on the internet and gossip blogs.

Early signs included:

– Flirty exchanges on each other’s social media posts
– Liking and commenting frequently on Instagram photos
– Dro attending Joseline’s racy club performances
– Eyewitness accounts of them canoodling at venues

A key event was the pair sitting together at T.I.’s album release party in December 2016. Photos showed them mingling comfortably with their arms intertwined.

From there, gossip snowballed about Atlanta’s rapper and reality star potentially being an item. But both parties remained vague whenever asked about it.

Evidence of Interactions and Bond

While vague in the press, Young Dro and Joseline continued dropping hints about their connection through actions:

Social Media

– Posted photos together with captions like “My baby” and heart emojis
– Commented flirty messages on each other’s suggestive photos
– Joseline wished Dro a happy Father’s Day amid rumors he was her child’s dad

Public Appearances

– Walked arm in arm at industry events and parties
– Shared intimate moments backstage at concerts
– Eyewitnesses claimed to see affectionate behavior between them


– Dro made a guest appearance on Joseline’s single “Club” in 2017
– Joseline appeared in Dro’s music video for “Mars” in 2018, getting handsy with Dro

While not overt, these displays showed a closeness between Young Dro and Joseline.

Reconciliation After Apparent Falling Out

In late 2018, things turned sour between Young Dro and Joseline. Joseline unfollowed Dro on social media and subtweeted cryptic accusations of betrayal.

Dro removed photos with Joseline and unfollowed her back. He dodged questions about what happened.

But by early 2019, the two were on good terms again. Joseline posted a photo embracing Dro with the caption:

> “You had me messed up for a minute but I got my dog back”

She also commented fire emojis on Dro’s page again. This marked the end of their mysterious falling out.

Fan Reaction and Speculation

Fans of both artists had intense responses to rumors of them coupling up:

– Some fans expressed support and said they made a great match
– Many speculated Young Dro was the father of Joseline’s child and wanted them to confirm
– Others felt Dro could do better than the controversial reality star
– Some accused Joseline of chasing fame by linking up with the rapper
– Critics said she was too old for Dro and vice versa due to their age difference
– But a majority just wanted more details on whether they were really an item

Overall, the rumors caused an explosion of speculation from hip hop and reality show fans. But details remained elusive.

Where Things Currently Stand

Since their 2019 reconciliation, Young Dro and Joseline have been coy about defining their relationship status.

They continue liking each other’s posts but have cooled off on the flirty social media interactions. Public sightings of them together have also been scarce over the past year.

However, a few recent signs suggest they still have a cordial bond:

– Dro said in a 2022 interview that he and Joseline “go way back”
– Joseline commented fire emojis when Dro released new music
– Dro supports Joseline’s recent OnlyFans venture

The current consensus is they are still friends but keeping the exact nature of their bond private. Whether it ever progressed to a full-fledged romance is still up for debate.

Possibility It Was All Just Publicity

Some skeptics have proposed that Young Dro and Joseline fabricated relationship rumors just to mutually promote their brands.

Evidence cited includes:

– Increased media coverage for both around the time rumors emerged
– The opportune timing with projects they each had coming out
– Lack of concrete evidence they were truly romantic
– Remaining vague and not confirming they officially dated
– Possible incentive to tap into each other’s fanbases

This theory suggests they intentionally kept fans guessing to stir interest. If true, it was an effective publicity stunt by two media-savvy artists.

Relationship Histories Beyond Rumors

Beyond their alleged entanglement, both Young Dro and Joseline have complex romantic pasts:

Young Dro’s Dating History

– Rumored to have dated singer Fantasia resulting in a son together
– Hinted at a rocky relationship with R&B artist Yung Joc’s ex
– Once engaged to influencer Drea Kelly but she accused him of abuse
– Linked to video vixens and models like Melyssa Ford and Angel Lola Luv
– Keeps details of dating life private but presumed to be single now

Joseline’s Relationship History

– Previously engaged to music producer Stevie J who she met through reality TV
– Mother of a daughter Bonnie Bella born in 2016, father never confirmed
– Had volatile on-off relationship with Stevie J over the years
– Briefly married to club promoter Ballistic Beats from 2018-2020
– Seems currently unattached but focused on raising her daughter

Beyond each other, both Dro and Joseline have complex romantic histories marked by drama and uncertainty.

Impact on Their Music Careers

Though their entanglement was likely brief, it may have benefited both artists’ music ventures:

– Occurred when Dro was prepping his album return after a long hiatus
– Coincided with Joseline promoting her new rap persona and solo music
– Increased press and fan attention for them both as a rumored power couple
– Allowed them to collaborate and appear in each other’s projects
– Kept them interacting and supporting each other’s musical pursuits

The rumors seemed to reinvigorate public interest for Young Dro and Joseline at strategic points in their careers.

What the Future May Hold

It’s anyone’s guess whether Young Dro and Joseline will ever rekindle their rumored flame.

Possibilities include:

– Dro appears focused on his music now, while Joseline is devoted to her daughter
– But they could relapse into old flirty habits on social media
– Potential for more musical collaborations if Joseline releases promised new songs
– Chance of a candid interview finally confirming details on their past together
– Also plausible they never cross paths again beyond remaining music associates

The door seems open for Young Dro and Joseline’s enigmatic relationship story to continue. But fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for clarity on where things ultimately stand between them.


In the end, the depth of Young Dro’s connection to Joseline remains shrouded in mystery. Their scattered interactions and social media paper trails suggest some type of romantic ties.

However, both artists seem to prefer keeping fans guessing and riding the publicity. It’s possible they exaggerated the rumors just for mutual benefit.

Until Dro or Joseline offer transparency, their history stands as an intriguing example of rap and reality show celebrity crossover. The melodic ATL rapper and Puerto Rican firecracker apparently brought melodrama on and off screen during their entanglement.

But the ambiguous nature of their bond leaves plenty of blanks for fans to fill. While their paths appear cooled now, the door seems open for more passion and chaos between Young Dro and Joseline in the future.

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