What does Jaymes Young look like?

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good / And I’ll love the world, like I should” – when Jaymes Young first emerged with these intimate lyrics in 2015, his soulful voice and evocative piano melodies mesmerized the world. But while his music took center stage, curiosity brewed about the mystery man behind the song. What does rising star Jaymes Young actually look like?

By examining imagery across his music videos, performances, photoshoots and fan encounters, a picture begins to emerge revealing Young’s appearance and style evolution. Much like his lyrics, Young’s look conveys unexpected contrasts – classic yet edgy, understated yet bold. Read on for the full portrait of this captivating artist’s aesthetic presence.

Music Videos – Mysterious With a Razor Edge

Jaymes Young’s stunning music videos provide the most cinematic views capturing his look. Often cloaked in shadows or stylishly obscured, he maintains an allure of mystery.

His breakthrough video “I’ll Be Good” features only limited glimpses of Young playing piano in a dark room, highlighting suspense over appearance. Subsequent videos like “Stone” showcase his angular profile mostly from a distance or dim lighting.

However, sleek black leather looks and a razor hair part emerged in his “Dark Star” video along with a rebellious edge. The video for Unify’s “Somedays” provides the most stylized imagery with Young sporting longer hair and reflective aviator shades that sharpen his enigmatic look.

Clearly a visual storyteller, Young’s videos engage the imagination – but concrete details of his face and physique often stay concealed within each vignette. Fans are left wanting to see more.

Live Concert Appearances – Poetic Intensity Revealed

His live performances finally offer clearer views of Young’s full presence. While still preferring dark loose clothing, the striking features of his face come into focus bathed in stage lighting.

Standing at the piano, profile views display his chiseled jawline, intense almond-shaped eyes, and medium brown hair that alternates between cropped and coiffed volume. A muted poetic intensity radiates from his gaze.

In full-face views, angular cheekbones slope down towards a narrow aquiline nose and plump brooding lips. Arching brows frame skeptical, searching eyes. Between songs, his shy awkwardness contrasts powerfully with the fierce gaze elicited by melodies.

While seldom smiling, his brooding good looks align with the melancholy of his music – a bit wounded yet still defiantly healing.

Professional Portraiture – Somber Edge with Hints of Hope

Delving into professional photo shoots reveals Young’s aesthetic range. Stunning black and white shots by Hughes Studio showcase him unsmiling yet bright-eyed with windswept shorter hair in a white tee – introspective but approachable.

By contrast, provocative portraits by Ivan Bosley bring out a smoldering edge. Backlit with chiseled features shadowed beneath longer hair, a bare-chested Young sports an intense rebellious glare.

A softer side emerges in sunlit outdoor snaps by Kate Izor. Leaning against a rustic building in denim and a white V-neck t-shirt, the faint hint of a smile appears with direct eye contact that draws you in.

Professional lenses amplify Young’s complex magnetism, blending sensuality and sensitivity within one man.

Fan Encounters – THAT Jawline and Downturned Brooding Mouth

Fan photos offer candid snapshots illuding his most identifiable features. In posed shots, the u-shaped masculine jawline that angles upwards to his ears becomes most prominent. Fans often catch him mid-brood, with downturned lips and hooded hazel eyes concealed under straight brunette bangs.

Physique-wise, Young appears toned but lean beneath modest streetwear. The occasional sharp suit shows off broad shoulders and height reported to be around 5’10”. He seems to shy away from body focus, keeping emphasis on the music.

But fan snapshots allow glimpses of small nose piercings, ear studs, and arm tattoos as subtle embellishments that break the mold of a stereotypical soul crooner.


So what is the verdict on Jaymes Young’s appearance and style? The collage of glimpses constructs an alluring picture of layered contrasts.

On stage he’s a brooding poet – but shines light one-on-one. His gaze smolders yet still invites connection. He exudes confidence through fashion but sings courageously of insecurities.

Much like the interplay of hope and heartache within his lyrics, Young’s seeming contradictions form an enigmatic whole reflecting the fullness of the human experience. For fans drawn to his musical depth, his nuanced image resonates even deeper.

By melding classic masculinity and smoldering edge with revealing moments of tenderness and vulnerability, the look of Jaymes Young mirrors his songs – thrillingly elusive yet profoundly relatable all at once.

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