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Who is Jaymes Young

When the evocative piano ballad “I’ll Be Good” first captivated global listeners in 2015, a common question arose – who is Jaymes Young? This soulful new artist seemed to emerge overnight with a maturity beyond his years.

Young intentionally kept his early personal life private, preferring the music speak for itself. But his vulnerable lyrics harbored their own secrets, hinting at the complex figure behind the melodies.

Exploring his origins, early musical influences, struggles with addiction, breakthrough with Roc Nation, lyrical themes and collabs reveals the multi-dimensional person and artist that is Jaymes Young. More than a rising star, he represents the power of creativity and resilience.

Early Life in Seattle

Jaymes Young was born James Taylor Young III in Seattle, Washington in 1994. Music became his passion early in childhood. His father owned a recording studio, exposing Young to equipment and igniting his interest in songwriting.

He became infatuated with old-school soul singers like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Young absorbed their catalogs and began mimicking their vocal runs as a toddler. He even amassed a 4-octave vocal range by age 10.

Young wrote his first song “Infinity” at age 12, followed by “Moondust” at 13. He started uploading songs online under the moniker Jaymes, attracting local buzz around Seattle for his prodigious talents.

Signing With Atlantic and Industry Frustrations

At age 16, Young signed his first major label deal with Atlantic Records. But despite releasing the single “Dark Star,” he grew increasingly frustrated with the label’s creative direction and battle for control over his work.

In 2014, Atlantic and Young parted ways as he sought a label giving him more artistic freedom. The split would pay off with an even bigger opportunity…

Achieving Breakthrough Success with Roc Nation

In early 2015, Roc Nation founder Jay-Z caught wind of Young’s independent work and aggressively pursued the emerging artist. Young signed that spring as Jay-Z vowed to enable his vision.

With Roc Nation’s backing, Young refined and re-released his composition “I’ll Be Good” which originally was previewed on his 2010 mixtape The Late Night Movies. The cathartic piano ballad showcased his staggering 4-octave range and instantly went viral globally.

Young further honed his debut EP Dear Fear spotlighting confessional lyricism. A contract with Republic Records and European tour followed, planting the seeds for future stardom.

Lyrical Themes of Personal Struggle and Growth

Beneath hypnotic vocals, Young’s lyrics confront issues like addiction, depression, grief and toxic relationships. Songs trace an emotional journey towards believing “life’s not as scary as it seems” (“Afraid of the Dark”).

Critics praise his bold sincerity and poetic nature. Fans find solace in shared struggles. For Young, channeling vulnerability through music provides therapeutic release. His willingness to face darkness radiates hope.

Ongoing Musical and Personal Evolution

Young continues expanding his artistry – 2018’s full-length Feel Something hit #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul charts followed by 2021 LP The Making of Mrs. Hale. His songs are featured in hit shows like 13 Reasons Why.

He actively collaborates with artists across genres, teaming up with electronic act Audien and advocacy group Playing for Change. Young fosters a tight relationship with fans online.

Having weathered industry battles and personal demons, Young enters a new era prioritizing self-care while delivering confessional lyrics encouraging resilience. His musical story remains unfolding.


So who is Jaymes Young? The Seattle native is a multi-dimensional artist, crafting cathartic soul music that gives voice to universal struggles. His poetic vulnerability and awe-inspiring vocals contrast richly with private personality.

Young has realized that baring life’s challenges through song fosters human connection and personal growth. With creative integrity and resilience now carrying him into the future, his powerful story connects with listeners on a profound level. For his devoted fans worldwide, Young’s multilayered identity makes his truth even more real.

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