General Scholarship Examination is a fee based examination conducted every to give students an opportunity to win a scholarship of up to N25,000.

Exam will be conducted based on candidates’ choice of course. Time duration is usually 5 minutes. Candidates are expected to answer 20 objectives questions in 5 minutes. To qualify, candidates have to score at least 8/20 at one exam sitting or 1200/4800 within 1 year (240) exams.


  • After every exam, you’ll receive a scorecard of your exam scores. That’s where you get your performance & scholarship record.
  • You only have to score at least 8 marks out of 20 to qualify for the minimum payment.
  • You have to reach at least 1200 marks within 1 year to get your scholarship & scholarship will be paid into one of the accounts you provided during registration
  • It usually takes one year for NEDES to pay your GSE scholarship and you would have accumulated a substantial amount of money but if you want your money before the end of a year or you need to pay urgent bills at school, you can apply for a loan that will not be paid back with money but with your exam performance. That means, writing more exams pays the loan.


8/20 = N1000

10/20 = N5000

15/20 = N15,000

20/20 = N25,000

In short, to get scholarship, you have to write our scholarship exams.  More exams, more money and you have to be very fast. The way to get NEDES Scholarship & a reasonable amount of money is to write NEDES exams consistently. Never miss any exam.


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This is what a NEDES scorecard looks like