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Category: Arts

  • Form of Artistic Exppression –

    Artistic expression encompasses a wide range of creative activities through which individuals or groups convey their thoughts, emotions, ideas, and perspectives. These forms of expression often serve as a means of communication, self-discovery, cultural preservation, and commentary on society. Here are some major forms of artistic expression: Visual Arts: Painting: Artists use various mediums such…

  • Cultural and Creative arts for JSS 3 – Junior secondary schools, Book 3.

    Cultural and Creative arts for JSS 3 – Junior secondary schools, Book 3. Nigerian Traditional Art Performance Objectives At the end of this module, students should be able to: Define Nigerian Traditional Art. List types of Nigerian Traditional Art. Identify places of origin of each art. State functions of Nigerian Traditional Art. Lesson 1 MEANING…

  • Traditional Art – All about Traditional Art in 5 minutes | MUST READ Awesome fact

    What is Traditional Art Traditional art is a rich and diverse form of artistic expression that holds deep cultural significance within a particular community. It encompasses various artistic disciplines and techniques that have been passed down through generations, fostering a connection between past and present. From an academic perspective, traditional art is often referred to…

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