• NEDES is the number 1 Scholarship provider of choice in Nigeria. No organization does it better. To get a NEDES Scholarship, you must sit for SST; Simple Scholarship Test, GIST; General Instant Scholarship Test or GSE; General Scholarship Examination. Write all tests.

  • Simple Scholarship Test: Solve simple maths everytime and attain levels. Tests are available 24 hours and you have to be very fast and consistent to attain levels. Attain the highest level and get N500,000,000.00 


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  • General Instant Scholarship Examination (GIST): Students can now get instant payment from NEDES through GIST. General Instant Scholarship Test usually has 20 questions with 200 marks each. After every test, any student that gets above the pass mark will get PAID instantly through the bank account provided during registration.Here is a breakdown of the exam pattern:24 General Knowledge + Difficult Questions.

    16 English Questions.

    (NOTE: If you score below cutoff mark, you will not be paid instantly but your score will be added to your scorecard and your scholarship will still be paid in due time.) LEARN MORE


  • GSE is an examination conducted online every last Sunday of the month. It comprises of Use Of English & Communication skills & Literature. Time duration is usually 60 minutes. Total number of questions is 1200 with each question having 100 marks. You’re meant to answer as many as you answer. If you can answer all the 1200 questions in 1 hour, good for you.


  • After each exam, you’ll receive a scorecard of your exam scores. That’s where you get your performance & scholarship record. In GIST & GSE, Any scholar with the highest mark gets SCHOLAR OF THE WEEK or BEST SCHOLAR award. Click here to see the scholar of the week

In short, writing exams gets you more money. More exams, more money and you have to be very fast. The way to get NEDES Scholarship & a reasonable amount of money is to write NEDES exams consistently. Never miss any exam.

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This is what a NEDES scorecard looks like


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