Terms of Service

Tess programs enables entrepreneurs and traders to share their visions and give to one another for economic growth. It is a program wherein people donate together, for a common goal, i.e. welfare of its members. Its members raise the capital themselves by advertising on the website.

        These Terms govern your use of Tess. By donating to the society, you agree that we can share your donations to other members. Please do not see this as an investment but as an opportunity for you to get a quota to grow your business. First come, first served. No profit is guaranteed. You only have to collect quotas as fast as you can before others take all the money. The ball is in your court. It is a conditional cash transfer, if you do not collect any quota, you will not get any money.

We don’t charge you to use Tess. Instead, we help you promote your business for others to see and patronize from you. You can participate by donating and your participation will last for one day. You have to participate everyday to get benefits. Create only one account (your own). We try to give everybody access to donations, but you cannot participate if:

  • You are under 18 years old.
  • Your aim is to invest money and get double back.
  • You do not have a business or a plan to start a business.
  • Your aim is not to use any money gained to fund or grow your business.